Who is the 2020 healthcare consumer?

The 2020 Healthcare Consumer isn’t the consumer of tomorrow. They’re the dominant consumers of today who are essential in the future growth and strength of the physical therapy profession. Defined by the way they seek, consume and share information, the 2020 Healthcare Consumer is top of mind to everything we do at BuildPT.

2020 healthcare consumers…

Grab and go.

With an average attention span of 8 seconds, they consume information in snippets. They quickly grab the info they need, then move on just as quickly.

Are on the move.

The smartphone is their go-to device for information. The stats prove it, with smartphone users surpassing the number of desktop users in the year 2014.

Appreciate simplicity.

Exposed to 5,000 ad mentions each day, today’s consumer requires simplicity in order to get what they need quickly – before becoming distracted.

Are social hubs.

They expect you to meet them where they are: interacting with peers and colleagues using social media and apps. To stand out, you must become a social hub, too.

Our mission

The 2020 Healthcare Consumer drives our marketing products and deliverables by ensuring they are…


Our products don’t overwhelm, confuse or complicate the lives of those who use them.


Everything we do, from writing to design, is created to beautifully accentuate your brand.


We keep up with the latest trends on web, social media, and how people consumer info.


We respond quickly and offer physical therapy marketing solutions that are ready to go.


All digital data (web, email, social media) is created to look equally good on all devices.


Our prices are reasonable, and we offer payment options and discounts to meet your budget.


Content and many products are created to integrate seamlessly with multiple channels.


As your PT clinic grows, we’ll help you keep up with an ever-changing marketplace.

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