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7 Steps to Optimizing a PT Clinic’s Facebook Page

In our recent webinar, Jesse McFarland discussed the importance of optimizing a PT clinic's Facebook page.  These steps are critical in properly representing your clinic on Facebook and throughout the internet. Below are 7 easy steps to follow to achieve an optimized...

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GOT a Physical Therapy Story? Here’s How to Tell It!

How to tell a physical therapy story? While a vocal portion of first-world HBO subscribers continue to debate the merits of the final season of “Game of Thrones,” one scene from last month’s series finale caught my attention as a physical therapy marketing...

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The Best #hashtags For Physical Therapists

Best #hashtags for PTs If you want to grow your physical therapy practice (and who doesn’t?), adding hashtags to your social media marketing can help. The experts at BuldPT have put together this list of top trending #hashtags so you can put them to work for your PT...

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3 Steps on How a PT Should Advertise on Facebook

How a Physical Therapy Clinic Should Advertise on Facebook Are you ready to drive new business to your PT practice, launch your new PT practice or engage with your patients and community more effectively? Facebook ads are ideal. However, before you dive in, it’s...

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8 Tips On Engaging With PT Patients on Facebook

8 Tips on How a PT Can Engage with Patients on FacebookSo, you’ve got a Facebook Business Page set up and ready to go for your PT practice. Good for you! But now the real work beings. If you don’t get engagement on your page, it will gather cobwebs. If people view a...

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How a PT Can Generate Reviews on Facebook

You’ve had your own physical therapy practice for a long time. Or maybe you’re opening a brand new PT office. Regardless, one of the best ways to attract new patients is by getting more positive Facebook reviews. When you have great reviews on Facebook it instantly...

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Facebook Marketing for PTs Done Right

Facebook Marketing for PTs Facebook marketing for PTs can be a powerful tool for physical therapy clinics. After all, Facebook provides excellent opportunities to connect with others and build your brands as clinicians and as employers. With more than 2 billion...

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How To Build Success Into Your PT Patient Workshop

A PT Workshop gives you the opportunity to demonstrate PT in action. You can share your expertise and build community engagement and public relations for your practice. While most PTs know how to create a PT Workshop, many miss the boat when it comes to promoting it....

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Why PT Practices Need SEO For Their Websites

You’re proud of your PT practice. You help restore function, improve mobility and relieve pain in your patients. You stay up to date with the knowledge required to treat patients, including new therapies and technology. You are professional, caring and communicate...

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