Lead generation for physical therapy clinics

Gain new leads, conversions, and grow your list by using a digital lead generation funnel!

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Lead generation services for Physical Therapy Clinics

At BuildPT, we offer a strategic lead generation package exclusively for physical therapy clinics so they can track the ROI of their marketing investment. Our lead generation product “BuildPT Funnel” uses paid ads that target a PT clinic’s ideal consumer and sends them through a marketing conversion funnel. 

BuildPT Funnel: Reach new prospects. Gain conversions. Get new patients.

Reach new Prospects.
We target your ideal consumers with the right ads that guarantee results in conversions.

We send prospects to a strategic BuildPT Landing Page or Click-To-Call and use an incentive for conversions (marketing funnel).

You respond to your Funnel conversions and sell your services. 

About “BuildPT Funnel” our Lead Generation Service for Physical Therapy Clinics

Two Different Funnels.

Landing Page Funnel

Online registrants, ebook downloads, sign up for events. etc.

Click-To-Call Funnel

Targeted ads on mobile phone that directly call your clinic.

All BuildPT Funnel campaigns include:


Clicks are driven through Google search, display and/or social ads


Every click is from a targeted audience and a potential new patient


Campaigns are optimized regularly and budget shifted to best producing platforms


Prospects land on a strategic BuildPT Landing Page or directly call to clinic 

BuildPT Landing Pages

The Motivator. BuildPT GO Website

E-Book 1

The Motivator. BuildPT GO Website

E-Book 4

The Motivator. BuildPT GO Website

E-Book 2

The Billboard. BuildPT GO Website Layout

Email Subscriber

The Scroller. BuildPT Go Website

E-Book 3

The Motivator. BuildPT GO Website


How does BuildPT Funnel work?

Ask us how we guarantee real results for your marketing campaign.