We help private PT practices grow

through digital marketing services and accessible information

What we do

BuildPT provides websites and digital marketing services that reaches new physical therapy consumers for private practices.

Content Marketing
Reputation Management
Social Media
Email Marketing
Lead Generation

Further, BuildPT has free accessible DIY information on how clinic owners can grow their own practice internally.


Our Story

Vantage Clinical Solutions (our parent brand) started with a pen, a pad of paper, and two physical therapists chatting over lunch back in 2005. Disenchanted with their own workload, priorities, and lack of freedom to create and serve, they created Vantage as the answer to their own frustrations with physical therapy. Over the past 10 years, Vantage has created a family of brands, like BuildPT dedicated to preserving, growing, and strengthening what we consider to be the best profession on earth.

The BuildPT Mission

BuildPT was created to provide marketing services specifically designed to meet the needs of the private practice physical therapist. From website development and hosting to providing content marketing solutions for physical therapy clinics across the country, our goal is to help PTs better market themselves as well as their profession, mindful that an educated and empowered consumer is more likely to make physical therapy a part of his or her healthcare regimen.

Our people


Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA


Tannus founded Vantage and, hence, BuildPT by tapping into his unique mix of clinical and business experience. A licensed physical therapist and certified athletic trainer, Tannus also earned an MBA from Duke University with an emphasis on marketing and finance. His clinical experience spans a variety of healthcare settings including sports medicine, outpatient rehabilitation, acute care physical therapy, inpatient care, and home health. If you’re a frequent reader of the APTA PPS magazine Impact, you may recognize Tannus’s byline as he regularly contributes on topics related to business, marketing, client services, and branding. Read his articles on the BuildPT Blog.


Jesse McFarland, MBA

Marketing Director & Creator of Product

Jesse boasts more than a decade of agency and marketing experience, including his most previous role in product management at SmartReach Digital by Entercom Inc. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Eastern Oregon University and earned his MBA at Ashford University. He has a diverse work history in marketing from large to small, boutique-sized agencies and has represented large corporate brands. As marketing product creator, he is proficient in nearly all aspects of digital marketing in a variety of different industry verticals, including healthcare and physical therapy. Read his articles on the BuildPT Blog.


Ben Montgomery

Marketing Manager & Content Guru

With more than two decades of professional writing and marketing experience — including the development of marketing strategies and messaging for organizations, communities, events and, yes, physical therapists — Ben knows a good story when he sees one. He studied journalism while earning his B.A. at Simpson College (IA), then cut his teeth as a sports writer, journalist and editor before applying his skills within the marketing universe. Ben joined the BuildPT marketing team back in 2011 and has since become a devoted promoter of all things PT. Read his articles on the BuildPT Blog and in Impact Magazine.


Kaitlyn Shaug

Marketing Account Manager

Kaitlyn is BuildPT’s go-to person for clients, working closely with them to ensure their needs are met and their services are rolled out timely and successfully. She also plays a role as the social media guru throughout BuildPT’s social media streams. Kaitlyn is a graduate from the University of Great Falls (MT) with a bachelor’s degree in business. When not delivering top-notch customer service to clients, Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with close friends while sampling the myriad flavors offered through Bend’s vast craft brewing scene.


Steve DeWitt

Website Developer

After 12 years in the military, Steve transitioned to the civilian world by starting his own company implementing custom web solutions for various enterprises worldwide, including the movie “The Shack.” As a full-stack developer at BuildPT, his goal is to create physical therapy websites that are visually pleasing and engaging while also being highly optimized. In his free time, Steve enjoys programming, flying his drone and spending quality time with his wife and daughter.


Kirt White

Account Manager / Graphic Designer

A recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in graphic design, Kirt works closely with BuildPT clients to help ensure their marketing services are smooth and successful. In addition, his eye for the visual aesthetic of websites, graphics and designs support BuildPTs ability to build and enhance clinic brands. Kirt is a family man with a strong interest in community. He recently moved to Bend, OR, with his wife and two children, and is an advocate of the outdoors and healthy living.


Logan Neubauer

Account Executive

A native of Chicago, Logan came to BuildPT with seven years of business relationships, consulting and account executive experience within the medical world. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication of Valdosta State University, then went on to develop a national distribution and training network for revenue-generating medical devices. Needless to say, Logan boasts a genuine passion for helping others and watching them succeed.