Facebook Marketing for PTs

Facebook marketing for PTs can be a powerful tool for physical therapy clinics. After all, Facebook provides excellent opportunities to connect with others and build your brands as clinicians and as employers.

With more than 2 billion monthly users, however, it’s important for a physical therapist to do it right in order to reach the optimal audience for your physical therapy marketing goals.

Facebook Marketing For PT

Your PT Clinic’s Facebook Page

A Facebook Business page is a Knowledge Card for your clinic. This a powerful directory, and it’s an central brand opportunity that surely your consumers will see. Therefore, you must have a professional and engaging business page.

Your goal here is to represent your PT clinics brand the best way possible by checking the following boxes:

  • Profile Photo. This is the first thing most consumers see. Yes, it’s a cornerstone of the business page itself, but the photo is also used as a thumbnail when consumers are searching for a clinic. Therefore, if you are using a logo, think small and keep in mind it’ll be cropped in a circle. If your logo contains a lot of text (i.e., “Bob’s PT Clinic: Physical Therapy Marketing In Denver, Colorado), consumers will not be able to read this. Best practice: Using a smaller design that’s properly centered and cropped to the right dimensions in order to make the strongest first impression.
  • Cover Photo. This is first thing people see after landing on your Facebook page, and it is your first opportunity to engage with your audience. There aren’t any rules here, but we do recommend an image that draws in your ideal consumer. Tip: You can also use a video in this area.
  • Optimize Everything.
    • About. Be thorough. Don’t stop after filling in general information and business details. Max out the space in your About section, and also (and perhaps most importantly), take advantage of the Story section.
    • Bios. A consumer who is researching a provider will likely want to know more about the physical therapist(s) and the staff.
    • Services. Never assume a consumer is going to know what you do. Most consumers do not understand how “physical therapy” can and should fit into their lives, so be specific. Examples: Sports Rehabilitation, Women’s Health, Pre- and Post-Surgery Care, Dry Needling, Back Pain Therapy, etc.
    • Offers. Do you offer a free screening or assessment? Do you provide special programs for, say, injury prevention or athletic enhancement? Include those here.
    • Button. The purpose of a button is to get consumers to contact you. We recommend a button that’s less intimidating like “Send Message” or “Email Me”. A more aggressive approach like “Call” can work, but just realize that you’ll likely get fewer people taking this action.
  • Reviews. Review generation is a critical and trending digital marketing strategy. After optimizing your page, this should be your focus. [Read: The Imporance Of Online Reviews for Physical Therapy Clinics]
How a PT Clinic Should Post on Facebook

How a PT Clinic Should Post

Pitching your services or being “salesy” in a Facebook post is a good way to turn off your followers. Use posts that provide engagement. There are many ways to do this, and we recommend that you use versatility with Facebook posting.

Consider the following post “types” when planning out social media engagement opportunities:

  • Tips. Showing how to do a basic stretch is quick and easy and provides free value to a visitor.
  • Blog. If you have a new and/or relevant blog post, always share them on Facebook. Repurposing your content is how you get the most out of your content marketing assets.
  • Third party. If you find an article that is trending or related to your audience, share it.
  • Video. When it comes to engaging content, video is boss. You are likely to get a lot more engagement with a video over an image. [Read. Facebook Video, Why Aren’t You Doing It?]
  • Creativity. There really isn’t a rule with Facebook posting other than don’t be too pitchy and always use a variety of messaging. Being creative is a major plus.
Facebook Ads for PTs

Facebook Ads for PTs

When it comes to Facebook for businesses, it’s a pay-to-play platform. Even if you have 1,000 followers, only a very small portion of them will see any post you make—usually less than 2%. If you want more people to see your posts, then you need to advertise. Below are the tiers of Facebook advertising.

  • Boost posts. This is the easiest way to advertise and the best way to get more visitors to see your posts. This is typically a branding or awareness strategy and not the best tactic for conversions.
  • Awareness ads. The purpose of these ads is to generate interest with your audience.
  • Consideration ads. The purpose is get people interested in your brand and your clinic.
  • Conversions ads. The purpose is to encourage people interested in your business to make a call to action, such as to call or click to your website or a specialized landing page.

Facebook advertising for a physical therapy clinic done right is not easy. If you want to DIY, then we suggest starting with boosting your posts. Whereas, an efficient ads campaign requires a specific marketing strategy and usually takes time before experiencing conversions or an ROI.

Facebook Marketing for PTs – Extras.

Know when to post. If you post too often, your audience may quit following you. Two to three times a week is plenty. Good times are typically weekday: 7-9 am or between 1-4pm.

Respond quickly to people who comment on your posts. People love to feel heard and acknowledged. Make it a point to respond to posts as soon as possible. Remember that Facebook is social media. If you’re not being “social” with your followers, then you are likely doing it wrong.

You can’t force conversions. If you go right into a conversion ad campaign without building awareness and consideration with your reach, then you are likely to fail.

Questions about Facebook marketing for physical therapy clinics? Ask us in the comments below. Or contact us for more information.

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