Steve Anderson, PT, DPT
Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

In business, culture trumps everything else.  When communication is consistent, colleagues trust each other, and everyone holds each other and themselves accountable, magic happens.  Leading from any level is a hallmark of a great company.  It is sometimes referred to as self governance.  This type of culture doesn’t need a top down management structure because people know the vision and understand how their efforts contribute to its success.  These are not big earth shattering changes, they are little things done consistently that form the culture and everyone shares the responsibility for how the company works.  This doesn’t just happen by chance.  You need to understand what it looks like, model it, provide mentoring and training, and praise the behaviors when you see it.  This is the most important thing you should focus on as you grow your business.
Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an appreciation for it is not all about you
  • Find ways to provide the little things to your employees so they feel empowered and feel safe to “self – govern”
  • Understand that you have to approach different people in different ways depending on their personality and communication style to get the message through
  • Learn the freedom of delegation and trust those you lead

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I felt like you guys did a wonderful job encompassing the topic at hand, there was a ton of helpful information!
I found the content of the Webinar helpful and inspiring. The stories and experiences shared in the Q & A, specifically about the mistakes made in your leadership roles were insightful and beneficial. 
I had the pleasure of attending a webinar put on by BuildPT and it did not disappoint! The content was not only informative, but inspiring as an eager to learn leader. Both speakers had years of experience as physical therapists as well as on the administrative side of the business. They shared their ideals on being a successful leader, as well as stories of their trials and tribulations.

Webinar Presenters

Steve Anderson, PT, DPT

Steve Anderson, PT, DPT

Executive coach

Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

Business Owner, Marketing Specialist