Panelist: Tannus Quatre PT, MBA
Something just happened, and you don’t even know it. A prospect just left your website.
That’s right, a prospect – a potential life you could have helped. Pain you could have reduced. Function you could have restored. Business you failed to capture.
And you didn’t just lose them, you lost their family too. And their friends.
You all lost out, and it was avoidable. Because there IS a way to attract, retain and convert visitors to your website.
Your website is important – this you know. But in 2018, it’s more important than you might know. A few stats to consider:

  • 8 in 10 consumers will stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their site (Adobe)
  • Mobile pages that are 1 second faster experience up to 27% increase in conversion rate (SOASTA)
  • On average, 55-70% of website visitors are going to “bounce” from the first page they visit on a website (RocketFuel)

At a time when most traffic is going to bounce from your site EVEN IF you’re doing things right, there’s a lot to lose by not focusing on one simple question: Why are prospects leaving my website?
In this 60-minute exclusive webinar for members of Preferred Therapy Providers, I’ll walk you through the 7 reasons you just let a customer get away…because of your website.
My approach will be simple.
I’ll use an evidence-based approach to consumer-focused web design to share with you (1) why your customers are leaving, and (2) how to fix the problem using basic principles that can be implemented by PT practices of any size. (That’s you)
ALL attendees will be provided with:

  1. A recording of the webinar following the live session
  2. A slide deck handout for internal reference

LIVE attendees will receive the above, PLUS a free 7-step audit of their website by the BuildPT team.
This webinar is for PTs, business owners, managers, and office staff responsible for creation and maintenance of a successful online presence for your business. By the end of this 60-minute webinar, you will know:

  1. The 7 reasons a prospect leaves your website (every day)
  2. How to address each of the 7 reasons using simple principles that can be implemented quickly
  3. How to direct your web developer or manager to apply these principles
  4. If you’re designing a new site (or will be in the coming year), you’ll learn how to infuse these elements into new site design for a website of any size

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“I have been a PT practice owner/manager for 25 years and marketing has taken on so many new forms during my career.  It is nice to have a resource like BuildPT to help teach me this new era of digital marketing and keep the marketing of our practice progressive and current.”

Webinar Presenters

Tannus Quatre PT, MBA

Tannus Quatre PT, MBA

Marketing Consultant

Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA is founder of Vantage Clinical Solutions, a business-services firm serving the revenue cycle and marketing needs of PTs in private practice for over 10 years. He is also the founder of Vantage brands: BuildPT and PT Pub Night. Tannus is an author, speaker and innovator in the areas of business development for PTs. He lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife and three children.