As a physical therapist, you know what you do. Unfortunately (and not surprisingly to most PT clinicians), the average PT consumer is not familiar with most or all services that you may provide. That’s why when creating a marketing strategy for your PT clinic, it’s paramount that you define yourself not just as a PT, but as a health care solution.

“Be a Solution – Not a Physical Therapist”

In a recent webinar, “Secrets to Web Design for the PT Consumer,” we discussed that it is critical a physical therapy website clearly shows its viewers that you are a solution to their issues instead of simply saying, “We’re a physical therapy clinic”. <Click here to see recording of this webinar> Consumers just want to heal and feel better. If they have back pain, then they’re more likely to search on Google for a “back pain” service. If your clinic specializes in back pain but your website does not offer this as solution, then you are losing out on potential patients. How does your PT clinic become a solution? Simple. Showcase your services on your website.

Start with your homepage.

Your homepage is your most viewed page, and it should deliver a clear message of who you are and what you do. This is a key place to show your services, yet too many messages will harm your ability to deliver a clear narrative. Therefore, we recommend displaying your top three services on this page.

Create individual pages for each service.

Creating an individual page for each service is great for SEO. If you have a page that is individually optimized for “sports rehabilitation,” then this page has chance to rank for this keyword on search engines like Google. We recommend that you do this for all of your priority and secondary services.

Add all services to an individual silo on the main navigation bar.

Group all your individual service pages within a navigation silo. We recommend naming this silo “Physical Therapy,” “Services,” or “PT Services.” This keeps these pages organized and easy to find for consumers.
<See how we display services on our PT website layouts>
It is still 100 percent OK to highlight yourself as a physical therapy clinic on your website. However, this should not be your primary focus, purely defining who you are as a solution. We strongly recommend that you prioritize your services based on your current patients or your biggest opportunities, and feature these on your website. This will boost your SEO, deliver a clear message to consumers, and show consumers that you are a solution to their needs. Does your physical therapy website show consumers that you are a solution? Send us your URL or comment below and we’ll tell you.