How do I measure the success of my website?

Generally, the biggest goal for a physical therapy website is to get more patients. Yet, it is nearly impossible to know if your website is doing its job without monitoring results.
Below are some easy solutions on measuring the success of your site.

Always Ask.

Asking questions is key to converting a prospect into a patient. This is also one of the best ways to verify a lead source. It is difficult to automatically trace prospects over the phone and in person. Therefore, everyone on staff should be trained to ask every prospect a simple question: “How did you hear about us?”.

Monitor your Analytics.

There are many tools that allow you to track web analytics. I always recommend Google Analytics because you can make it as in depth as you want it and it’s free. Below are five data points that will help determine the success of your website using Google Analytics.
  • Sessions (Clicks). This is the most obvious data point and usually the most overrated. No doubt that gaining volume of traffic is important, but the ability to segment the traffic will tell you a better story. Learn more about Clicks vs Sessions.
  • Segment your traffic. Dissecting the traffic from different channels (Direct, Organic, Social Media, Referral, etc.) will help you determine your best traffic sources. Tip: If you notice that all your traffic is Direct, then your total clicks/sessions might not be relevant.
  • Bounce Rate. This data point will help you determine the quality and relevance of your website by the action of your visitors. A bounce is defined as a single action session on your site. The lower your bounce rate – the better experience your audience is having. Learn more about Bounce Rate.
  • Page Views. Do you know what your most popular page is? Identifying your most viewed pages will help you understand your audience and what content and page they’re viewing most. Tip: The contact page is usually the most important page for converting patients. Knowing how many visits this page gets is useful information on evaluating your website. Learn more about Page Views.
  • Set up Goals & Conversion Tracking. This is the most advanced and technical data point that I listed but also the most valuable for measuring the success of your website and the online conversions you receive. Creating a conversion or goal (like someone fills out a contact form) will directly reflect the success of your website on generating prospects. Learn how to setup Goals.

Track Your Leads.

Tracking your lead source is a main fundamental for any marketing campaign. If you don’t have a lead/sales software then a spreadsheet full of prospects is your best friend. Always document all of your customers and every prospect you get. Basic information like name, contact info and how they became a lead is critical for analyzing and following up with your prospects. Therefore, utilizing a lead database allows you to track the success of your website and any marketing campaign over time.
Is your website getting your results?
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