Receiving web traffic from search engines like Google is a great benefit for any physical therapy clinic —especially, when this traffic is earned organically and you are not paying for the clicks.
Yet, effective search engine optimization (SE0) is time consuming and requires a significant learning curve for most PT clinic owners.
Typically, it’s in a business owner’s best interest to outsource SEO or leave it to the professionals. However, there are some simple tasks a novice can do to improve her or his clinic’s presence on search engines.

5 Easy SEO ToDos for Physical Therapy Websites: 

1) Consistently Add Content

Content is king when it comes to SEO. Consistent, relevant, and quality content provides more keyword variance to your website, leading to more opportunities to be found by and on search engines. Below are tips for providing content.

  • Homepage text. Scaling back text on your homepage for a more design-heavy appearance might make your website look better, but your homepage still needs text-based content to help it stand out to search engines.
  • Blog. Think of this as a noun and a verb. There is no better way to add volume and quality content to your website than by adding content through your blog, a tool designed to serve the very purpose of simply and consistently adding content. So blog!
  • Service Pages. Organizing your services and their descriptions on separate pages allows you to have more keyword-optimized pages on your website. This allows you to narrow down the topic for each page, which can be favorable for ranking on search engines. It also gives you the opportunity to further use titles and URL structure for greater keyword density. [<– Possibly add as I think this is a powerful reason to add individual service pages.]
  • Media. Yes, media is content. Adding images throughout your site, through individual pages and blogposts, provides more relevant content. If you are proactive with videos, then use them, too!
Remember that nothing beats content. People do not solely search Google for “physical therapy [YOUR CITY]” when looking for services. Focusing on other common keywords and phrases are just as important.
Having topics on your website (service pages or blogposts) that cover searchable terms will provide more opportunities to rank on search engines.
Below are some possible keyword ideas:

General Keyword Ideas:

“back pain”
“knee pain”

Demographic Keyword Ideas:

“sports injuries”  
post surgery rehab” 
“women’s pelvic health”

Seasonal Keyword Ideas:

“improve golf swing” 
“ski & snowboard injuries” 
“slipping on ice”

Need professional SEO friendly content? Ask us about Amplify (content marketing for PTs). 

2) Optimize your Metadata

Entering your meta data allows you to describe the content on each webpage. Below are two primary sources of metadata that are easy to update.

  • Meta titles. This allows you to describe the webpage in a phrase. We recommend using it as a title of your page and using relevant keywords from the content on the page.
  • Meta Descriptions.  This tells search engines what your webpage is about in up to 160 characters. We recommend using relevant keywords and a call-to-action.

See buildpt.com meta titles and descriptions below. We optimized this page for “physical therapy marketing”.

3) Create Directories

Directories are third-party sites that recommend websites (like yours) for categories and services in a hierarchical manner. Having your business information in quality directories will enhance the local SEO for your website.
Below are some recommended directories for a physical therapy clinic.

Main Directories:


Small Biz Directories:

Better Business Buerrau
Angie’s List
Merchant Circle

PT Directories:


Also, here is an awesome list of directories for any small business/PT clinic: List of top 50 by Hubspot:

4) Social Media

While the direct impact on SEO is unclear, social media is a simple DIY that it complements these efforts well.
We do know that having your clinic’s brand on a variety of different social channels definitely helps. Yet, we consistently see high-ranking websites on search engines that have a strong organic following on social channels.
It’s difficult to understand the exact correlation, yet most SEO experts agree that there definitely is one.
At BuildPT, we strongly believe in content marketing. Sharing your content through a variety of channels greatly enhances exposure to your content (at the same time, your brand). Also, multiple resources show that this is also an effective use of SEO.

5) Google Analytics

There is no direct evidence that implementing Google Analytics to your physical therapy website enhances SEO rankings. However, many SEO gurus believe that using as many Google-owned tools as possible will help with rankings on the world’s No. 1 search engine.
We don’t recommend implementing Google Analytics to enhance SEO; we recommend it so you can track progress. Here is why you should implement Google Analytics:

  • Free. It doesn’t cost you anything.
  • Quality. It’s practically the must trustworthy and dynamic web analytics tool available.
  • Segment Traffic. Obviously, you can view traffic, but the segmentations can be as simple or as complex as you want them. We recommend that everyone views their Organic Search traffic —this is your true traffic from SEO.

Tie it all together.

Here is a recommended do-it-yourself SEO easy plan for a PT website:

  • Begin with building directories from the list above.
  • Then, start generating new content on your website like creating posts for your blog.
  • Optimize these blogposts with relevant and descriptive meta titles and descriptions.
  • Then, share your blogpost on social media and other content sharing platforms.
  • Last, regularly monitor your organic traffic in Google Analytics.

If you follow this rule consistently, then you are almost certain to enhance your SEO on your website over time.

For more information on how you can improve SEO on your website, please contact us or email us at hello @ buildpt.com.
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