Quarterback Josh Farrester returns to his hometown turf, this time as a physical therapist.
When one of our press releases gets picked up by a media outlet, we always take time to ask, “what went right?” This is no doubt a more enjoyable question than the alternative, and asking it is definitely a worthwhile exercise. What works for one private practice physical therapy clinic, after all, could certainly work for others.
Take Apex Physical Therapy, for instance. Brock Monger, owner of this BuildPT client located in Madras, Oregon, came to us recently with an interest in getting a little publicity from the recent hiring of a new physical therapist – a business brief in the local paper, perhaps, or a mention in a local chamber of commerce newsletter.
But while discussing the topic with us, one thing became apparent: the hiring of his new physical therapist came with quite a marketable story.
We at BuildPT don’t ignore such opportunities. These are ideal occasions to not only spotlight a clinic’s brand, but to also educate the public about the value of physical therapy, and we don’t like to let a chance like this slip through our fingers.
So we sat down with Brock and his new physical therapist, Josh, to develop a press release for the local media. Coupled with some targeted media pitches, the release resulted in the following news feature:

We’re certainly thrilled this piece got the airtime it deserves, but let’s take a step back and look at what led to this media success. What was the winning formula?

We Identified a Great Story

The hometown quarterback coming back home to serve his community as a physical therapist, doing so at the clinic where he first received physical therapy treatment … that’s just a story worth sharing. Such stories are everywhere; identifying them is half the battle.

It Involves Community Outreach

This particular client works with its local high school to provide injury assessments for student athletes, which is mentioned in the piece. Elements of community outreach add depth to any story while enhancing a clinic’s credibility with the media.

The Pitch

Rather than a single, mass press release distribution, we helped Apex identify area journalists and media members who would most likely cover a story like this, then pitched the story to each of them individually. An individual touch will often improve a story’s chance of being picked up, plus it helps strengthen your relationship with members of your local press.

The Timing

This story was pitched during a time when high school athletics were about to ramp up for a new season. This made the story of a former student-athlete a timely one. When considering the relevancy of a story pitch, ask yourself why your story is relevant right now, then include this with your pitch.
Wondering how to pitch a story for more media coverage? Shoot me an email: [email protected]. I’d be happy to talk with you about press strategies for your PT practice!
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