Getting your marketing & social calendars ready for September? We’re sharing a few timely topics that you’ll want to keep in mind. Staying on top of what’s trending and plugging in isn’t a superficial tactic–it helps your audience understand physical therapy’s position in new ways.

September’s Cancer Awareness Campaigns

As physical therapy for cancer patients continues to be backed by studies and gains more public awareness, don’t miss opportunities to join in larger discussions around specific types of cancer. Perhaps one of your PTs is completing continuing ed around lymphedema; if so, it’s a great time to share that news with your community. Does your team participate in a walk or 5k dedicated to cancer survivorship? Invite your patients, friends, and family to participate alongside your staff!
September brings awareness months to a number of specific cancers. Use this time to connect with your community and share the value of physical therapy in the prehabilitation, treatment, and recovery of cancer patients.
Whatever you’re doing, share it with your media contact list via custom press release. You’re bound to get some coverage with such a timely topic (October is also breast cancer awareness month.) And don’t forget to add your unique perspective to your monthly email newsletter!
Looking for an incredibly easy way to get involved? Set aside some time to sharing articles, quotes and patient stories demonstrating physical therapy’s role in the treatment of cancers. September is dedicated to creating awareness and starting a conversation around the following cancers:
Childhood Cancer
Gynecologic Cancer
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Ovarian Cancer
Thyroid Cancer
Prostate Cancer
For more information about this month’s awareness campaigns, visit cancer.org.

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