While a tagline may sound like something drummed up in a boardroom by marketing executives, it’s not. It’s a short statement which lives at the apex of what YOU stand for, and hope to accomplish every day. It should tie – in some way – to the services you provide and the market you serve.
Often a sibling to the mission statement, a good tagline is short and sweet, and understandable by your company and your customers. It should be a rally cry used internally, and can be used to base most – if not all – marketing campaigns launched by your company.
I’ve shared a few examples below, and hope these provide some guidance as you develop your own.

  • PhysioCare Physical Therapy | It’s Your Life. Live It.
  • Apex Physical Therapy | Improving Lives Through Movement
  • Alpine Physical Therapy | Experience Every Day
  • SOL Physical Therapy | When Every Second Counts
  • Vantage Clinical Solutions | Improving Physical Therapy Through Entrepreneurship

Does your PT practice have a tagline?