Late last year, our client Diane Shiffer approached us about a brand identity for her upcoming practice, Connect PT. Diane has worked as an independent therapist for several years in the Lake Oswego, Oregon area, and was ready to make a step toward a brand rather than simply working under her name.
We crafted a logo for her, and thought it would be fun to share some process work showing how we finalized a brandmark for Connect Physical Therapy.
What: Connect Physical Therapy Brand Identity
Where: Lake Oswego, Oregon
Who: Diane Shiffer, PT, OCS, CMPT
Project goal: To create a modern, inviting mark for Connect PT

Diane works with people in Lake Oswego covering a large age range, from high school athletes to senior rehabilitative patients. We wanted the mark to look bold and friendly, but not overly modern or youthful. We also knew that the “connection” concept was one we wanted to reference.
A few early sketches:

And our final logo:

We’re excited to see how Connect grows in their new location! Diane is a fantastic PT and client.

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