Last time you were looking for a new pizza joint in town, how’d you find it? Did you look in the Yellow Pages? Did you dial the information directory from your phone? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess not.
I would bet that you did an online search for something like, “pizza, Tempe, AZ,” with your web browser – probably through Google. If you didn’t – you should have. There’s simply no more efficient or effective way to find local businesses nowadays.

Getting on Google Maps is free--but maximizing your listing takes time.

Are you using Google Maps to it’s potential?

And the same is true in health care. Let’s say you don’t like pizza, and you just need to know the address of your physician’s office so you can send a thank you card for the excellent care you received last week (yes, this happens). Some of you might look into your address book for the address – but even more of you will realize that an infinitely growing address book already exists, and you don’t even need to update it yourself. It’s called Google.
Specifically, Google (and the other main search providers like Yahoo, MSN Live, and others) has an area of their search system dedicated to local searches. For Google, this is called Google Maps, and it’s precisely what pops up when you type in “pizza, Tempe, AZ” or “doctor, Manhattan, NY.”
If you own or administrate a private practice, guess what…you need to be there, too.
I’ve had a number of clients ask me how much it costs to get listed online, and it’s fun to tell them that this is one of the few cases where you actually do get something for free. That’s right – a basic local listing on Google Maps is entirely free – yet entirely beneficial to your practice. It’s easy to do, and if you’re not there now, you may be missing out on that new teacher that moved to town with her family and is looking for a new dentist – or perhaps that thank you card just to tell you how wonderful you are for providing the care that comes so naturally.
Either way – if you’re not already, get listed…now. Simply click here to go the sign up page and follow the instructions for entering in your business’ name, address, and basic information. Once you’re done, you’ll be moments away from that coveted spot on Google Maps when someone types in your name or category.
Vantage Clinical Solutions is not affiliated with Google in any way, but we love their search products and would be happy to help you get listed in Google Maps if you’re not already. Click here to try it out for yourself, and if you have any problems don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help (and don’t forget about Yahoo, MSN Live, and some of the other local listings as well).
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