Physical Therapy Rack Cards

Use PT Rack Cards to attractively share physical therapy services and information.
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Physical Therapy Rack Cards by BuildPT

Rack cards are attractive pieces of print collateral that serve dual purposes. Individually, rack cards feature a specific service, program, person, or element of a physical therapy clinic. But together as a multi-card system, rack cards tell the story of a clinic that’s continually growing and evolving.

BuildPT Rack Cards: Tell the story of your clinic, your way!

Choose the right rack card system for your physical therapy clinic! We can design custom rack cards and rack card systems that specifically match the look and feel of your clinic’s brand identity. Or, save time and money by choosing from one or more of our pre-designed white-labeled rack card systems.

BuildPT Rack cards are…


BuildPT rack cards are designed to turn heads through colorful design and imagery, all under the umbrella of your established brand identity. The quality construes value that stimulates action!


Through design and impactful content, rack cards are designed to tell your story and the story of PT. Flip them over for more info describing individual services, programs, people, or treatments at your clinic.


As your clinic grows, evolves, and changes, so can your rack card system! Rack card systems offer the flexibility to grow and sculpt your messages over time, allowing you to package messaging to specific audiences.

See custom BuildPT rack cards.