BuildPT Funnel Pricing

Choose the Right Package for your Clinic

Add-on packages.

The Funnel 250 package the Landing page can be added to any BuildPT product such as a Website, Connect, Trust, SEO or Funnel.

(The BuildPT Funnel 250 and the Landing Page cannot be purchased independently)

Why BuildPT Funnel?

  • Get targeted clicks driven through a combination of Google Search, Display, Social media ads.
  • Campaigns are optimized regularly and budget shifted to best-producing platforms.
  • We implement a proven strategy to help drive conversions.
  • We provide full transparent reporting through a real-time dashboard.

How it works:

  • Choose Your Funnel: Pick the right BuildPT Funnel for your campaign: Landing Page or Click-To-Calls.
  • Select Your Package: Pick a package from above that fits your budget and conversion goals. 
  • Select Your BuildPT Landing Page: (For BuildPT Landing Page Funnel only).
    Conversion types: leads, event registrars, downloads, class signups, email subscribers.
  • We Develop A Plan: Our team of digital professionals will develop the exact plan we need to cater to your clinic’s conversion goals.
  • We Implement Plan: We put the plan in action and let the clicks or calls start flowing in. We will continually monitor channels, test new channels, and favor the campaigns and ads that perform the best.
  • We Share The Results: You will have access to a real-time dashboard that you can view at any time at your convenience. We will also send a monthly report that shows all the clicks, impressions, conversions, and more. We will continue to work with you to make sure the clicks or calls are optimal and that we are targeting the correct conversion type.