Social Media Content for Physical Therapists

Engage your online physical therapy community with Connect’s attractive social media shareables.

Connect: Social Media Shareables for Physical Therapists

All private practice physical therapist should be using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to both educate and engage potential clients. And the best way to attract attention on social platforms is to do it visually! Through BuildPT Connect, we provide clients visual collateral – or “shareables” – built to complement your social media strategy. We can even give ’em a boost!

Visually engaging

BuildPT social media shareables are designed to get attention – to pique the interests of your social media followers through great design and visuals, as well as engaging info and quotes.

Educate your followers

Using interesting facts, quotes, statistics and research findings, BuildPT shareables are also educational tools that, over time, drive home the overall role PT can play in people’s everyday lives.

Improve web traffic

Once you’ve grabbed their attention and engaged your followers, use our social media shareables to point them back to your website for more information and context – and improve your SEO!

Flexible design

Optimized for social media, BuildPT shareables are designed to also offer flexibility in various apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and for other uses, such as web/blog post imagery or email signatures.

BuildPT Connect e-mail blasts, newsletters, media/news releases, social media post, etc., has placed our clinic on channel 8 “Portland Today” show on 5 occasions!

Kent Bond, PT

Owner, Impact Physical Therapy

My revenue in 2017 went up by 124% from the previous year, your marketing expertise is one of the reason I was able to achieve that success. Also, I have another radio interview set up this Friday following our latest press release, this is interview number 3 with this same reporter.

Chris Wilson, PT

Owner, Ideal Motion PT

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How does connect social media build an audience?

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