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Connect: Press Releases for Physical Therapists

As a private practice physical therapist, you need to be in the press. You have value to add to the public conversation about health, fitness, pain, and movement, and educating your community through your local media will prop up the value of PT as you earn invaluable publicity for your clinic. It also establishes you as a local thought leader, enhancing your professional credibility among those weighting their healthcare options.

BuildPT Connect Press Release Formula:

Newsworthy content

We know the media, and we understand what they’re looking for in a great story. Our press releases are written to be timely, newsworthy and consumer-relevant.

Ready for the press

Designed for the busy PT, your press release will be customized with your clinic’s info, with attributable information and quotes. Plus, let us distribute it to your local media.

Consistent and credible

Monthly press releases consistently remind decision makers in the press and other distributors of content that you’re a credible healthcare resource, keeping you top of mind as a potential source.

Educated consumers

“If only people knew that PT’s can treat …” If you’ve ever thought this (we know you have!), you know your clinic can benefit from a more educated consumer base. Be that educator in the press!

BuildPT’s regular contributions have come across news media editors’ desks, and then the door opens that can lead to meaningful exposure. 

Brock Monger, PT

Owner, Apex Physical Therapy

BuildPT Connect e-mail blasts, newsletters, media/news releases, social media post, etc., has placed our clinic on channel 8 “Portland Today” show on 5 occasions!

Kent Bond, PT

Owner, Impact Physical Therapy

My revenue in 2017 went up by 124% from the previous year, your marketing expertise is one of the reason I was able to achieve that success. Also, I have another radio interview set up this Friday following our latest press release, this is interview number 3 with this same reporter.

Chris Wilson, PT

Owner, Ideal Motion PT

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