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BuildPT Go: An Affordable Website Product Designed Specifcially for PT Clinics

At BuildPT we are proud of our unique web development product “BuildPT Go,” created specifically for physical therapy clinics.
As its name implies, this website product was developed as a long-term web solution for physical therapy clinics – one that will grow, evolve and “go” with a private practice.
Most agencies that offer web development will build you a website and launch it on the internet as quickly as possible, but then the relationship or agency support ends. Knowing that most PT clinic owners intend on growing their business, we created a web subscription product that allows our websites to be regularly upgraded for any technology-based improvement and change.
Further enhancing the adaptability of this product, we added subscription options that allow a clinic’s website to visually grow with new monthly content and page additions. All of this is possible while also having the full support from a real BuildPT employee.

What Makes a BuildPT Go Website Different?

Hitting The Road With BuildPT
BuildPT is owned by PT’s. We take pride in knowing the physical therapy profession better than its competitors – in understanding the challenges PTs face every day with marketing, messaging and online brand consistency.
The addition of BuildPT Go to our product line is a big step for us as we help PTs reach the consumer in 2017. One thing we know for sure is that costumers are more on the go than ever before. They don’t spend much time on websites, but the time they do spend is impressionable. Therefore, we’ve created an affordable, quick and flexible web solution that makes a strong impression on today’s health care consumer.
Our marketing team applies its knowledge by designing visually stunning and high-performance websites that are made to increase online patient conversions. BuildPT Go website features include:

  • Affordability for All. The goal is for any PT to be able to afford a high-performing website built specifically for physical therapy clinics. BuildPT’s $0-down monthly payment plan allows just that.
  • 15-Day Launch Process. A streamlined process allows BuildPT to quickly build your PT website. As long as you’re engaged for approval steps, the team can get your new site done in 15 days.
  • Designed for PT Clinics. The marketing team at BuildPT knows PTs as well as they know beautiful design. Through user-friendly layouts, all site designs speak to the patient so your clinic can attract more business.
  • Responsive for Mobile Devices. The BuildPT Go website is responsive for any device – desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Technologically Sound. Three secure maintenance and hosting options are offered, each of which perform regular updates and backups so each site’s functionality and appearance remains top notch.
  • Support from BuildPT. The BuildPT team won’t leave you hanging. They’re always available via phone or email to answer questions about your website.
  • SEO Ready. Your website will be search engine ready. As your website grows, so will your rankings. Adding regular content and optimization will boost impressions to your website.
See Our BuildPT Go Website Layouts

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