One of the best—and least expensive—ways of telling your community about a special event at your PT practice is by getting an article in your local community newspaper.

Unfortunately, that’s not something that’s taught when you’re studying physical therapy. The good news is, the marketing experts at BuildPT have put together this guideline on how to write a press release.

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9 Easy Steps on Creating a Press Release for your PT Practice

  1. Make sure it’s newsworthy. You can be announcing a special event, a grand opening, the development of a new kind of treatment or the addition of a new physical therapist.
  2. Make sure it’s timely and consumer relevant. If you’re having a special event, make sure you submit it to the publication in time for readers to plan to attend. Not all newspapers are daily any more.
  3. Research submission guidelines for each publication. Most publications want submissions to follow a certain format. If you don’t submit your article in this format, it won’t be considered for publication.
  4. How To Write A  Press Release For Your PT PracticeWrite it in the right “voice.” An article for a magazine is written differently than an article for a newspaper.
  5. Be sure to include an attention-grabbing headline.
  6. Organize your article from the most important information to the least. It’s called an “inverted pyramid” style of writing.
  7. Include the official title of anyone who is quoted in the article.
  8. Include contact information in case the editor of the publication needs to ask a question or get clarification.
  9. Submit it to the right person at the publication. You can research this on the publication’s website.


Learn how to get your message and your clinic in the Press...

If you’re like most PT professionals, you’re already busy trying to run your clinic and don’t have time to research the ins and outs of writing and submitting a press release. If you need help with a marketing strategy that includes press releases, digital marketing, e-newsletters, blogs and more, contact the digital marketing specialists at BuildPT today.