Best #hashtags for PTs

If you want to grow your physical therapy practice (and who doesn’t?), adding hashtags to your social media marketing can help.

The experts at BuldPT have put together this list of top trending #hashtags so you can put them to work for your PT practice.

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5 Hashtags For Physical Therapists To Use
  1. #physicaltherapy. A no brainer, right? After all, if you’re a physical therapist you should be building awareness for your craft. This is a great hashtag to add to any post. #physicaltherapists is another great one.
  2. #freshPT is a highly trending hashtag within the PT student community, which can help you grow your practice with new physical therapists. It’s ideal is you’re looking for that perfect new employees or want to support those who are entering the workforce. Another one to consider is #DPTstudent.
  3. #GetPT1st. This message reinforces the notion that physical therapy is the first step if you’re in pain. It promotes physical therapy as a practice, as well. #choosePT is also a strong hashtag.
  4. #bizPT is all about learning how to run and grow a PT business. Use this hashtag to establish yourself as a thought leader.
  5. #PTPubNight. This is the fastest-growing networking community for physical therapists and PT students. If you want to connect with PTs and students in order to network, socialize or enjoy a beer, use this hashtag.

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