How a Physical Therapy Clinic Should Advertise on Facebook

Are you ready to drive new business to your PT practice, launch your new PT practice or engage with your patients and community more effectively?

Facebook ads are ideal. However, before you dive in, it’s important to know how to do it right.

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The digital marketing experts at BuildPT have put together this guide to Facebook advertising that should help you get started.

1) Ad Goals

Create ad goals and measure your ad’s effectiveness. For example:

  • What is your offer or promotion?  Example: Free Back Pain Seminar at your practice in 30 days
  • What is the ad’s purpose?  Example: promote online sign-ups
  • What is your goal?  Example: 100 sign-ups
    • Statistic #1: What is the signup page conversion percentage?
    • Statistic #2: What is the Cost per Click to the sign-up page?

2) Target Your Market

What is your Target Market?

In most instances, you should start by engaging with past patients and encourage them to come back in. You should also engage with your Facebook page followers. You should also target local prospects and engage a campaign to retarget visitors to your website.

How a Physical Therapy Clinic Should Advertise on Facebook

3) Create Ad Campaign

Create your ad campaign.

In Facebook’s Campaign section, you can choose the objective of your ads. In this case, if you’re trying to get people to go to your website to sign up for your seminar, select the Traffic option. You can also choose an Engagement Goal. The next step is to choose your Budget, Placements, Audience and Schedule. When budgeting, you will have a choice of choosing a daily or lifetime budget. You won’t get changed by Facebook until the end of the month. When choosing your Audience, start with Connections > People who like my page and their friends. You can also select a Location so you’re marketing only within your desired geographic area. Then it’s time to build your ad with images, copy and the style of ad (videos or slideshows.) You can create several different ad versions to see which one works best, as well.

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Properly represent your physical therapy brand through Facebook
so you can attract, engage, and sell to your audience.  

Does this sound overwhelming to you? You’re not alone. Many PT practices choose to work with digital marketing experts like BuildPT instead of doing it themselves. If you’d like help creating an effective digital marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals, talk to an expert at BuildPT today.

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