Webinar: How a PT can get the MOST out of their Facebook

Properly represent your physical therapy brand through Facebook so you can attract, engage, and sell to your audience.  

Panelist:  Jesse McFarland, MBA

Why watch?

Is your PT Facebook page growing?
Is your Facebook audience engaged?
Are you getting comments, likes, and reach on your posts?
Are you getting patients from your Facebook and social media efforts?

If answered “No” to any of these questions, then you will want to attend this free webinar by BuildPT.

What we’ll cover:

  1. How to properly optimize your clinic’s Facebook page.
  2. How to get the most out of your content
  3. Learn when, how, and what to post on Facebook.
  4. How to utilize Facebook advertising without breaking the bank.
  5. Learn best Facebook “social” practices for PTs.

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Real Testimonials:

Jesse moved quickly through the agenda and covered a lot of ground, The checklist afterwards was great. Thank you.

Thank you, good content.

I’ve enjoyed the topics so far and try to schedule time to attend bc the content is high quality and applicable.

Would have liked to learn how to add the team bio section on FB – googling it now but sorting through a lot!

Lots of good information!

Enjoyed this webinar! It will be helpful moving forward when assessing our Facebook strategies in the future.

About BuildPT

BuildPT.com is a digital and content marketing leader, specializing in direct access PT marketing for practice owners across the U.S. including website development, public relations, and campaign management. Take advantage of our free resources on BuildPT.com/blog, as well as our webinar series featuring consumer-facing marketing tips and tricks at BuildPT.com/webinars.

Webinar Presenter:

Jesse McFarland, MBA

Jesse McFarland, MBA

Marketing Director

Jesse McFarland, MBA is the marketing director for BuildPT.com and PTPubNight.com. With more than a decade of agency and marketing experience with small to medium size businesses and large corporate brands, Jesse is proficient in nearly all aspects of digital marketing with in-depth experience in SEO. Jesse lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and son.

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Testimonials from previous webinars by Jesse:

The webinar was very easy to connect to, easy to follow allong with and provided helpful information that is immediately benefical.

I’ve attended a few so far and think this was one of the best- good pace, good content, good up-beat presenters…thanks!

Presenter did a great job getting to the core of a very complex topic.

Great presenter!!! Thank you 🙂

I enjoyed the practical focus with suggestions that can easily and quickly implemented.

Q&A from LIVE Webinar: “How a PT can get the most out of their Facebook”
by: Jesse McFarland, MBA

How do you show that Facebook is effective?

If you want to see how effective Facebook is for your clinic, then you need to get familiar with the reporting on Insights for Facebook.

Also a good thing to mention is that when you do ads on FB they are also reflected on instagram as well. Super cool.

Absolutely! Facebook owns Instagram and you can create ads on other platforms outside of Facebook (like Instagram).

Do you know the exact dimensions for cover photos, profile photos, and image posts?

Here is a great article on 2019 Facebook media dimensions: https://blog.snappa.com/facebook-cover-photo-size/

Where do you find your content and free clipart to use?

The best image and media content is to use anything that you create yourself. You are looking for stock images then purchasing rights and permission to use these is best practice. You can go to places like Adobe Stock images.

I was told that Facebook does not like before and after pictures.

This is only for Facebook advertising. For organic posting, this is OK to do.