Is your physical therapy clinic optimized for voice search?

You’ve likely noticed that the power of mobile search has expanded thanks to the influence of technology devices like Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and others – technology that has taken “voice search” into the mainstream.

Well, what would happen if you were to ask these devices where you can find a physical therapist in your area?

If you don’t know, just ask you local customers. Many of them have already been asking.

We know this because marketing studies show that in the last year alone, 58 percent of consumers have used voice search to find local business information. That’s three of every five people, proving that these devices are quickly changing how customers find information.

Yet, we’ve found that most private practice physical therapists are either unaware of or have simply not yet responded to this trend. And, you know what that means:

The time is now to take the lead in your local market by making your clinic a top result as consumers continue to trend toward voice searches.

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Alexa, where can I find a physical therapist?

Just like where you rank on Google, you can’t fully control the user experience or the algorithms on voice-powered devices. Yet, you can claim the directories that these devices use and supply them with the best, most up-to-date information about your clinic so they are best suited to provide accurate answers to consumers.

And, accuracy is key when it comes to online directories, many of which help power the results consumers get through voice search devices.

Research shows that 62 percent of all online healthcare provider directories actually contain incorrect information. This includes everything from incorrect addresses and inconsistent clinic names to duplicate listings.

Even when such bad info shows up on seemingly obscure directories you may have never heard of, the misinformation (if left uncorrected) can be shared with other directories – even ones that may power voice search capabilities.

That’s why suppressing duplicates and updating wrong/inconsistent information on all directories should be a key task for any physical therapy clinic.

voice search for physical therapy using amazon alexa

Optimize your physical therapy website for voice search.

Voice search devices rely on structured data. So the first step in optimizing your website for voice search is to ensure its content (hours, addresses, phone number, photos, etc.) is structured in a way the that the devices can easily understand.

Therefore, schema markup data should be updated on your website.

Also, when creating and optimizing your content, you’ll want to consider the words people use when using voice search.

SEO guru Neil Patel says: “Don’t make the mistake of equating voice search optimization of using long-tail keywords in your content. Voice search is more likely to contain question phrases.”

I did some research on this, and the image below was created on question phrases for physical therapy:

voice search for physical therapy keywords

Need help on Voice Search? BuildPT has an affordable solution.

BuildPT Trust uses optimized knowledge cards for your physical therapy clinic. This allows us to fully manage all the public facts about your brand and the services you want your consumers to know about.

We have a direct integration with key directories that voice search devices use, like Amazon Alexa, Google, and Apple. This also includes 80-plus other directories like Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and dozens more.

Not only can we fully manage these for you, but we can suppress duplicate listings and fix inaccurate information about your business on nearly any online directory. Further, our integration with these third-party directories allow us to lock this information so nobody else can change it.

BuildPT Trust also comes with schema markup data, and we notify all directories about the search terms you prefer to use.

If you’d like to know your current status on these online directories, then we strongly encourage you to request a free audit by clicking here.

Questions about “voice search”? Ask us in the comments below. Or, contact us. We respond quickly. 😊

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