2019 SEO Trends for Physical Therapy Clinics

Learn new ways to make your clinic stand out online. 

Jesse McFarland, MBA (PT SEO Specialist)

Why watch?

The way consumers search online is rapidly changing. In this 60 minute webinar,  Jesse McFarland, MBA is going to share the latest SEO trends and how a PT can utilize them to gain new patients.

If you own a practice, are responsible for building a customer pipeline, or plan to start a new clinic in 2019 this webinar is for you.

What we’ll cover:

  1. How a PT can earn “relevance” and “trust” on search engines like Google. 
  2. How mobile technology continues to change the way PT consumers search.
  3. Learn why “voice search” is changing how we optimize for SEO. 
  4. How optimizing knowledge cards provide the biggest bang for your buck.

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Real Testimonials

Great presenter!!! Thank you 🙂

The webinar was very easy to connect to, easy to follow allong with and provided helpful information that is immediately benefical.

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Webinar Presenter:

Jesse McFarland, MBA

Jesse McFarland, MBA

Marketing Director

Jesse McFarland, MBA is the marketing director for BuildPT.com and PTPubNight.com. With more than a decade of agency and marketing experience with small to medium size businesses and large corporate brands, Jesse is proficient in nearly all aspects of digital marketing with in-depth experience in SEO. Jesse lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and son.

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Testimonials from previous webinars by Jesse:

BuildPT webinars have been so very helpful to me as a practice owner.  The information provided has helped me to learn about improving our web presence and the different components that play key roles in SEO. Thank you BuildPT!
I really enjoyed getting a better understanding of offsite SEO, we have been trying to get a blog set up and get more PTs involved, and now having the knowledge of how that can impact the SEO, it can help to provide justification to get it done sooner.
I am so thankful to BuildPT for helping us with our web optimization.  We have a strong business based on word of mouth and client referral, but would like to be able to keep up and grow as our community does.  I think BuildPT is helping us do that!

I’ve attended a few so far and think this was one of the best- good pace, good content, good up-beat presenters…thanks!

Presenter did a great job getting to the core of a very complex topic (SEO).

I enjoyed the practical focus with suggestions that can easily and quickly implemented.

Webinar Q&A by Jesse McFarland

How do I optimize a directory or knowledge card?
Reach out to individual directories, create an account, claim it, suppress duplicates, and then update all information possible.

How many keywords should I optimize for?
As many as possible that fit your practice. Any service you provide. Any symptom that you can provide therapy for: back pain, arthritis, knee pain, sports injuries, etc. Remember, service pages and blogposts are great for utilizing keyword variance.

Site speed. How does this effect my SEO? And How can I make my site faster?
For SEO: It’s all about user experience. If a site is slow, then the visitor is having a poor experience with your site. And, this will affect trust by search engines. (a faster site is more trustworthy). There are free audit tools to use so, you will want to scan your site first. Usually the trouble makers is your hosting service and having large media on your site (like an image that takes a longtime to load).

What’s the best way to generate reviews.
We’ve done a lot of content on this. In short, first provide an awesome experience. Then ask for a review in a timely and convenient matter. Our BuildPT Trust service does this through email campaigns on a targeted lists.

For more on generating reviews, go here:
Webinar: Online Reviews Are Skyrocketing
Blogpost: 3 Steps To Generating Reviews

Other than key words and phrases, how does one optimize for voice searches?
Optimize the knowledge cards!

Does having an SSL certificate improve rankings?
Yes. Websites with a SSL certificate became a ranking factor in 2018. This security adds more “trust”.

So will increasing your number of Yelp reviews help out in bringing you to the top of voice searches on an Apple devise?
Yelp reviews will make a difference but first, you need to create, claim, and fully optimize the Apple maps listing. Also, remember that the SEO on your client website can also impact your knowledge cards.

Great info, Jesse, thank you.  Does maximizing voice search from IOS simply mean maximizing reviews from Yelp given the relationship?  Where does Alexa draw from?
For IOS: same as above. Alexa has their own algorithm but you cannot claim an Alexa directory unless you have a software integration like we have for our BuildPT Trust clients. Without this software, you’ll need to have a strong range of third party knowledge cards and solid SEO on your clinic website.