Private practice physical therapists, patients and physical therapy advocates from BuildPT had the opportunity to meet with U.S. Representative Greg Walden, who recently visited Apex Physical Therapy in Madras, OR, to discuss issues vital to the PT profession.
The multi-term representative from Oregon’s 2nd congressional district and chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee was hosted by Apex Physical Therapy co-founder (and long-time BuildPT client) Brock Monger, DPT.
Walden toured the facility while taking the time to discuss such issues as the opioid epidemic, the recently repealed therapy cap, the rising cost of education for DPTs, and loan-forgiveness programs for PTs who serve in underserved areas like Madras.
“These are golden opportunities to build relationships with our elected officials, tell them our stories and help them understand the hurdles we and our patients face day after day,” said BuildPT founder Tannus Quatre, PT, who helped coordinate the visit.
The visit also afforded Walden the opportunity to meet with Apex patients (including a veteran by the name of Terry) to learn about their first-hand experiences with physical therapy and how PT improved their lives.
“Physical therapy is crucial to injury recovery for people like Terry, a veteran who worked with the team at Apex Physical Therapy in Madras to get back to his job,” Walden wrote on his Facebook page. “That’s why I worked to repeal the Medicare therapy cap and strengthen access to physical therapy so the professionals at places like Apex can continue helping people in our communities.”
Monger also put Walden to work, introducing him to some of the clinic’s equipment and offering him a taste of what a typical physical therapy treatment might entail.
The visit took place during the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug. 8.