From well-known brands like Google and Yelp to lesser-known sites like DocSpot and Opendi, literally hundreds of business directories exist online – directories that, right now, may be listing information about your physical therapy clinic.
And chances are, the information they’re listing is wrong.
According to online marketing experts, 62 percent of existing online healthcare directory listings have significant inaccuracies – wrong phone numbers, old website URLs, incorrect hours, and even bios of staff members who are long gone.

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“Not only do these problems affect the user experience on these directories, but these inaccuracies are kryptonite for your SEO efforts,” said Jesse McFarland, MBA, directory of marketing at BuildPT. “Then, when you consider that these business directories get more than three times more views than a PT clinic’s websites, such inaccuracies can really weigh down a clinic’s ability to grow and succeed.”

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Fortunately, the physical therapy marketing team at BuildPT recently launched a reputation management, directory control, and offsite SEO service that doesn’t just address this issue – it solves it.
Called BuildPT Trust, this new service provides physical therapy clinics a way to fully and completely manage information on dozens of top online directories while also promoting and improving online reviews.
“I am extremely excited about BuildPT Trust and how it can benefit PTs,” McFarland said. “It allows our physical therapy clients to create and claim over 100 directories and build online reviews on major review sites. Such an effort can deliver a powerful SEO solution for PTs – one that features dynamic reporting.”
The directory management aspect of BuildPT Trust covers all major listing sites (i.e., Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) plus a variety of healthcare sites such as (but not limited to) Vitals, UcompareHealth, and Wellness.com.
For reputation management, we’ll monitor review sites and encourage patients to provide reviews on the PT’s preferred network of choice. Reputation management is the obvious “Trust” factor of this product.
“Most PTs understand the value of online reviews but struggle to get them,” McFarland said. “Reviews do not just occur naturally for PTs compared to other industries like restaurants. Therefore, building reviews is its own digital marketing strategy and one that performs very well with this product.”
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