We as physical therapists are generally proud of ourselves – and rightly so.  We’ve worked hard to earn the credentials that we now hold in such high regard, many of which have been earned long after graduation from physical therapy school.  These credentials distinguish ourselves from one another and convey specialties in which we now have expertise. 
And while professional recognition of our accomplishments has its place, it is important to remember that our value in the marketplace is not about us – it is about our clients.  What we can do for THEM is much more important to the market than what we have done for US. 
One way to focus the communication around our value proposition is to put our patients out in front of the market for us through testimonials.  Many satisfied patients are more than happy to spread word of their success stories, and this “social proof” – which ONLY our patients can provide – is far more important to the market than anything we can ever communicate on our own. 
Testimonials can take various shapes, and are fair game ONLY if proper consents have been obtained by patients who wish to disclose their relationship with you to the public: 

  • Quotes from satisfied patients which are shared on the company website. 
  • Online reviews of your practice or providers through online listings such as Yelp, Google Places, or Yahoo! Local. 
  • Video testimonials of patients, acknowledging the benefit of your services. 
  • Posts or status updates to your practice’s social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. 
  • A photo collage of patient success stories which is published online or within the practice.