You know that smartphone thing in your pocket? It has a video camera inside it! (mind-blown) Keep this in mind whenever you consider the best ways to effectively stand out among all the noise on Facebook. If you want to be noticed in someone’s crowded Facebook timeline, then having a visual “pop” is a great way to catch a user’s eye. Yet, who has the time or skillset to create the perfect photo? A sweet graphic might work, but are you a physical therapist or a graphic designer? So, if you want better engagement on your Facebook channels from paid or organic posts, then why not give video a try?
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Why Facebook video?
  • You have the technology. (If not, upgrade from that flip phone!)
  • It’s super convenient. Go to your video app, click the record button, and post on Facebook.
  • You have awesome visual content all over your clinic: exercise machines, fitness props, patients performing exercises and rehab. (The possibilities are endless.)
  • You have knowledge that helps people, and people like that. People all over this country have pain and discomfort, and you have solutions. Demonstrating exercises on ankle mobility, back pain remedies, and knee discomfort is content gold.
  • It does NOT need to be a professional video. The most viral videos on the internet are from amateur mobile smartphone users just like you. People will always focus on great content over a slightly shaky camera or less-than-stellar sound quality.
  • Facebook video ads get longer views from users. According to Facebook: “People view videos 5x longer than static content on Facebook and Instagram.”

5 Tips for PT DIY Facebook Videos

Below are 5 Tips for effective DIY videos from an experienced physical therapy clinic owner. From previous BuildPT Blogpost: Physical Therapy Videos: Clinic Owner Shares Tips for Effective DIY Videos.
1. Be Realistic. Schedule a consistent plan that you can achieve. 2. Doing is Perfecting. Create a few key objectives, and just go for it. 3. Keep it Short & Sweet. Shoot for around 2 minutes per video. 4. Show Your Personality. Keep it fun, informal, and show some passion. 5. Focus on Value. Provide value for your audience and not just fluff. You can read this entire article by clicking below: [Read: Physical Therapy Clinic Owner Shares Tips for Effective DIY Videos]

2018 Facebook Video Trends for Physical Therapists

Facebook Live According to the Search Engine Journal, “Facebook Live engagement was 178% higher than their average post engagement.” Facebook Live videos have much more of an organic feel — hence, you don’t need to be a professional videographer. This allows real-time engagement between you and your audience. Press-and-Hold Videos iOS users have access to a feature that allows people to physically press a photo before taking them to either a video or an image slideshow. Watch a tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDOYyd1DNTg 360 Videos If you have a cool and busy fitness room with a lot going on, then using a 360 video will certainly add some pizazz to your content. Keep in mind that you will need a 360 camera for this. For more information, visit https://facebook360.fb.com
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