Making regular contact with your list of referral sources, patients, and community organizations is part of just about every marketing plan, but as with anything that doesn’t get regular attention – your list of marketing contacts can get old, outdated…stale. 
One way to find untapped potential within your market is to stretch yourself by creating a wish list.   
A wish list is an unabashed list of everyone in your market that can benefit from your services.  It is not limited to those you THINK you can convert to believers – it assumes you create a fan out of anyone.  Your wish list should include organizations you KNOW would find benefit through your practice, referral sources you’ve YET to reach due to intimidation or lack of effort, and patient segments that SHOULD be the “bread and butter” of your practice. 
The value of your wish list is that it stretches you to (1) acknowledge that you’re missing segments of the market, (2) define the segments you’re missing, and (3) challenge your acceptance of these missed opportunities.   
Once you’ve created your wish list, challenge yourself and your staff to define 3-5 SPECIFIC strategies that can be used to convert portions of the list into fans of your practice.   
Stretching yourself by defining your wish list may just expose you to some not-so-hidden opportunity that has been within reach all along.  

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