The team here at BuildPT is eager to announce the rebranding of our content marketing services for private practice physical therapists – an effort that also marks the bold enhancement of our content marketing services for PTs … without raising the price!
Beginning on January 1, 2018, our content marketing package long-known as “Amplify” will be rebranded as BuildPT Connect – “connect” being a word that better represents the overall goal of our content marketing efforts.
But the rebrand is about much more than the name, says BuildPT marketing director Jesse McFarland. It’s about offering a more full-service solution that ensures PTs can more successfully reach greater audiences, without taking away valuable one-on-one time from patients each month.
“Rather than simply providing you with marketing tools for making content marketing efforts simpler, BuildPT Connect was designed to follow through on the implementation of such services,” McFarland said. “We want to make the process of marketing as simple as possible for PTs, without watering down the potential.”

The Channels

BuildPT Connect will continue to provide content marketing clients with monthly PT-related content to be utilized throughout five powerful communication channels: blog, email newsletter, press/media relations, social media, and print.
The most significant changes lie within the implementation portion of our services. Here’s what new with each feature:
Blog Post: Along with writing the content, we will post the content to your website’s blog each month. Each post will be posted with a related featured image and the use of SEO best practices and metadata creation.
Email Newsletter: We at BuildPT will continue to fully manage template/campaign creation and email lists. Clients will still be able to contribute additional custom content and email add-ons each month, and we will provide monthly reports to our clients.
Press Release: Rather than simply providing you with a distribution-ready press release, we will also distribute your final press release to local media contacts in your area. We will build and manage your media list (clients no longer need to do this) and distribute using a branded press release template so your clinic is fully represented.
Social Media: Rather than just providing you with social media shareables each month, we are now able to post up to three shareables plus a link to your monthly blog post (four monthly posts total) to your Facebook page each month. In addition, to help you reach more audiences, we will implement a $25 local boost to the post linking to your blog. In other words, BuildPT will invest in the growth of your audience.
Print-Ready PDF: Your monthly print-ready PDF will be redesigned and branded as a one-page newsletter, with image(s). Each newsletter will additionally include a back-side return address design, simplifying your mailing options.

Why the Change?

The reason we made these changes and decided to rebrand our content marketing efforts is simple: because as a physical therapy practice owner/manager, you deserve more of a helping hand.
While we’ve found that most PTs would like to spend more time performing some of their own marketing tasks, the reality is that often – even with the best tools and the best intentions – there’s just not enough time in the day (and week) to follow up on these efforts.
So with the success of our clients in mind, we streamlined our efforts internally so that we’d be able to do more for your practice … without increasing our prices.
By taking more tasks off your plate while offering additional resources (e.g., boosted posts, press distribution, etc.), we’re able to ensure your content marketing efforts connect with even more potential clients.
It’s in the name, after all.
“By allowing us to manage you monthly content marketing efforts, we’re able to better connect you with your community, connect you with past and potential clients, and even help your local community better connect the dots between their own ailments and how PT can help,” said Ben Montgomery, content marketing pro with BuildPT.

Tell Me More

In the spirit of offering more, we’ll be offering BuildPT Connect options for clients, depending on needs, marketing goals and budget.
Our BuildPT Connect SIFI (Set It, Forget It) package is the flagship option discussed above and is most like our former Amplify product … but better. However, we’re also offering BuildPT Custom Connect for clients who desire a more personalized touch, and BuildPT Connect DIY for those with smaller budgets.

Download Our BuildPT Connect One-Sheets: Connect Overview, Connect SIFI, Custom Connect, and Connect DIY.

For more information about BuildPT Connect and discuss which option is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@buildpt.com or 866-896-0181.