[Adding Serious Value by Creating AWESOME Communities]


  • Why start a fire (create a community)?
  • How to start a fire
  • Gathering fuel
  • Creating a spark
  • Fanning the flame
  • Lessons from #GetPT1st
  • Lessons from PT Pub Night®
  • Q&A

You’ll Walk Away With

  • An understanding of what a community is, and why it’s SO POWERFUL to PTs
  • The ONE key ingredient EVERY community needs to unleash SERIOUS value
  • A “how-to” for PTs looking to add value to their markets through community creation
  • Lessons learned during the development of the global #GetPT1st and PT Pub Night® communities



In this one-hour webinar, the founders of #GetPT1st and PT Pub Night® will discuss methods that can (and SHOULD) be used by PTs to add value outside the walls of their clinics by creating fun and engaging communities.
Borrowing from the successes AND failures learned through the creation of these two global PT communities, Sean Hagey and Tannus Quatre will map out a process for lighting your market on fire by applying some of the lessons learned along the way.
We’ll cover everything from gathering fuel (resources you’ll use to start your fire), to creating a spark (the ONE ingredient EVERY community needs in order to get started) to fanning the flame (the fun part that takes a community from GOOD to GREAT!).
This is a can’t miss webinar for anyone looking to make their mark by rallying their community around value creation, and it’s appropriate for private practice owners, program development coordinators, marketing directors, clinic administrators, staff PTs, and students entering the profession.

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Real Testimonials

Webinar was very engaging, very insightful information.


Presenters were extremely knowledgeable. Looking forward to the next webinar!


Content was focused and effectively presented.


Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA
Founder of PT Pub Night, PT

Sean Hagey
Founder of #GetPT1st, PTA

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