When it comes to marketing, video is considered the holy grail of online content. And the content marketing stats back this up. Big time.
People gobble up online video content. Just consider the following:

  • More than 8 billion videos, or 100 million hours of videos, are watched on Facebook every day. (Source: TechCrunch 2016)
  • Searched related to “how to” on YouTube grew 70 percent from 2014 to 2015. (Source: Google)
  • 55 percent of people consume videos thoroughly – the highest amount for all types of online content. (Source: HubSpot 2016)

These numbers and others explain the source of another important stat, which is that 83 percent of marketers claim they would create more video content if they had no obstacles like time, resources and budget. Such a desire likely translates over to entrepreneurs, to business owners … even to private practice physical therapists.
I mean, we’d all love to use video to promote physical therapy clinics, right? Unfortunately, it’s well understood that video production isn’t for amateurs – that creating effective video is an expensive proposition.

Craig Iseli, Limitless Physical Therapy, Video Production

Craig Iseli, BuildPT client and owner of Limitess Physical Therapy in Eugene, OR.

Well, not exactly. At the very least, it doesn’t have to be.
If you want to know the truth – the dirty little secret that the production pros aren’t telling you – it’s that in video, substance often trumps quality. A relatively amateur-ish video that provides great information, for instance, is often better received online (and, hence, is more effective marketing-wise) than a professionally produced video filled with fluff.
And there’s more.
Creating effective videos related to physical therapy doesn’t require a bunch of time, money, special equipment or editing expertise. All it takes are two steps: planning and doing.
But don’t just take my word for it.
Craig Iseli DPT, owner of Limitless Physical Therapy in Eugene, OR, has the chops to speak on the creation and use of video to promote his practice. Since he opened his small PT practice less than a year ago, Craig (a BuildPT client) immediately knew he wanted to use video as part of his content marketing strategy.
So he did.
“Video is a key part of what I wanted to create in the brand Limitless PT, and it takes on a space of marketing that healthcare generally doesn’t execute well within,” he said. “So, it’s an opportunity to stand out with a low investment of time and resources.
“Also, I felt like putting information out in video was an easy opportunity to start educating people about themselves, their bodies, their injuries, etc., while giving them general exposure to the amazing profession of physical therapy.”
Craig’s videos are brief, on point and simple, requiring no post-production whatsoever. He typically shoots with his Samsung Galaxy S7 or his Microsoft Surface Pro, and he covers a like of mileage, often creating multiple videos on various aspects of single topics.
See for yourself. Check out his video library here.
From using different spaces and creative angles, Craig is able to keep his videos interesting as well as informative – to the point it may not occur to you that they’re being made by an amateur.
So how does he do it? Where does he find the time as a private practice owner? How does he prepare?
All great questions. And fortunately, Craig agreed to share some of his tips and secrets for creating similar videos with minimal planning, minimal time, and essentially no budget.
Here are Craig’s five tips for creating videos with limitless potential … in his own words:

2016 Exercise #1, finally closing out 2016 and starting 2017 in style. Make sure this exercise is part of your routine
Posted by Limitless Physical Therapy on Monday, January 2, 2017

1. Be Realistic

“Make a realistic plan or schedule to make it happen consistently for at least two months. It takes practice to make videos and using them on social media, so you just have to do it. I feel you have to be in front of people (in video posts) one to two times a week at the start to gain awareness.”

Discover your future without limits!
Traveling Craig. It is time to see how far our patients go and we will all share in their adventures and successes. So, the next time you take a trip take me along with you, snap a pic, and tag us/check in. We will keeping track in the clinic of where and how far Craig can make it.
Posted by Limitless Physical Therapy on Friday, March 31, 2017

2. Doing is Perfecting

“Don’t get caught up on it being perfect and completely scripted, or you will struggle from paralysis from analysis. If it takes too long to create a video, then you won’t do it regularly. (See my first tip.) Just write out a few key points you want to touch on, and go for it.”

Text Neck Video #4
Continued to take care of that neck you only have one (they are a long ways from neck replacements). A great basic neck strengthening exercise to make keeping good posture a bit easier.
Posted by Limitless Physical Therapy on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

3. Keep it Short & Sweet

“Most people have a 7-second attention span, so you have that long to grab their attention and hopefully have them watch for more than 7 seconds. If the video is much longer than a couple of minutes, most people won’t bother watching it all. I try to shoot for around 2 minutes per video.
(Craig’s spot on. Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement, according to Wistia.)

Get those glutes going!
Your hips don’t lie, if they are talking to you start listening and take on this challenging hip exercise.
Posted by Limitless Physical Therapy on Friday, December 2, 2016

4. Show Your Personality

“Keep it fun, informal, and show your personality. The benefit of video is that people get to see who you are, so try and convey that in your videos. Also, have fun and show some passion about how great our profession is, because that will come across in the video.”
In addition, Craig suggests that if you don’t feel you have the ability or personality to be the subject of your videos, turn it over (with some direction) to a member of your staff and allow her/him to make it their own.

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Posted by Limitless Physical Therapy on Monday, April 24, 2017

5. Focus on Value

“Try to provide some value-based content, not just fluff. You have to think, ‘Why is someone watching, or continuing to watch?’ They are hoping to get some information that helps them in their everyday lives. Over time, you will develop a reputation and, when they need more than you can offer them in video form, they will be in to see you.
“So don’t be afraid to provide value and detailed information in your videos. If it’s just fluff, no one will watch.”