How to digitally generate leads for your PT clinic

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) is an excellent way to get more digital exposure for your physical therapy clinic. Yet, PPC can be quite expensive (i.e., you end up paying for clicks from people who have no chance of becoming a local client) if you do not fully understand what you are doing.
In this article, I will share some recommended PPC practices that any private physical therapy clinic can utilize to help get more patients.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Google AdWords is a common place to start. Yet, there are many benefits of using social media advertising platforms (like Facebook) that may have cheaper click rates and are better targeted. It is wise to experiment a little to determine which platforms work best for you and your clinic.

Website (or Landing Page)

If you’re paying for clicks, you must have a place for web traffic to land.
A common mistake is to just send traffic to your website (typically the homepage or contact page) without any additional optimization, relevant content from the PPC ad, and easy-to-use call to actions.
At BuildPT, we recommend sending paid traffic to a specific designated page on your website or an external landing page. Using either method, the page should be completely relevant to the ad (title of the page, copy, images, etc.).
Last, if you’re running multiple ads, then it is likely you need different designated pages or landing pages for each.

Use offers in your ads

Odds are that you are not the only physical therapy clinic in your area. Further, you probably are not the only clinic who utilizes digitally advertising for his or her clinic.
So, be sure to include a special offer in your ad. Such an offer can be just enough incentive for a user to click on your ad over that of a competitor.

Target smartly

Think about your ideal patient, and target that person.
Depending on the PPC advertising platform you are using, targeting can include: location, keywords searched, day and time posted, special interests, and specific audiences … to name just a few.
A smart targeting strategy will increase the opportunity for a click to turn into lead, and then into a patient at your clinic.

Know your analytics

There is no way to improve your PPC campaign without analyzing your analytics. Every platform provides reporting data, and it’s up to you to dissect this data will allow you determine what did and didn’t work.

Don’t quit early

Success will most likely not happen overnight. The downfall to being green to PPC is that you have to pay gain experience and learn what draws that most attention to you (and from your competitors) within your local market.
Making changes, experimenting, and tracking the data through analytics are keys to creating an optimal PPC campaign.

Consider outsourcing

Anybody can start a PPC campaign. Unsurprisingly, paid advertising platforms make it super easy to set up a campaign so they can start taking your money.
If you don’t have a clear strategy from the start, then it is an almost certainty that you will have poor return. Outsourcing through a proven agency that understands your customer allows you to get the most out of your budget.

Further, teaming up with a pro allows you to skip the guessing and testing phase that can cost you hundreds of dollars (if not more). Plus, the right agency will continue improving your campaign so you get the best return.
No other agency understands the PT profession more than BuildPT. Our PPC and lead generation product, BuildPT Local, uses a mixture of Google search, display and Facebook Advertising to provide physical therapy clinics with the best, most optimal and local clicks by targeting potential patients to your website or landing page.
Further, the BuildPT Local team re-evaluate the campaign every month to provide you the best optimal results for your campaign.
But the best part of using BuildPT is that we guarantee you clicks on a monthly basis. If you are interested in hearing more about how BuildPT can help provide your clinic new leads, please contact us today.


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