Webinar: Do you take my insurance?

Presented by Tannus Quatre PT, MBA and Jerry Durham, PT

[How to Effectively Sell the Value of Out-of-Network PT Arrangements]


  • The word “no,” and the out-of-network (OON) conversation
  • Getting to “yes” through value and sales
  • Using value and sales processes to get to “yes” – with real-life examples
  • Q&A

You’ll Walk Away With

  • A new perspective on the word “no” and how it hurts your patients more than you
  • A methodology for dissecting value into compelling sales arguments that lead to “yes”
  • Real-life OON sales examples that can be used as “how-to” inspiration for your PT clinic
  • Our “Getting to Yes” cheat sheet to be used for front desk/PT training and reference



The verbal equivalent of a stop sign, the word “no” is ubiquitous in American culture. It’s simple, powerful, and one of the first and most implanted words in our vocabularies. We know how to use it, and we use it well.
And it hurts us.
As physical therapists, we have a moral and ethical obligation to help those around us live functional, pain-free lives to the best of our abilities. And that means that when someone needs us, we need to get “no” out of the equation.
And there’s no greater barrier to the delivery of care than the statement, “No, I don’t take your insurance.”
So, what do we do when faced with this all-to-common question? How do we answer this honestly and with confidence even if we are not contracted with a customer’s insurance company? How do we avoid the word “no,” allowing us the best possible chance of helping someone who needs us?
How do we get to the word, “yes?”
In this webinar, Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA and Jerry Durham, PT will join forces to tackle this important challenge faced by PTs in every market in America.
We’ll start by discussing the concept of value, which in its purest sense is the ONLY thing that matters to your customers. Value is a PT’s best friend when getting to “yes,” and understanding the mechanics of the value equation arms us with a nearly infinite number of tools we can use to side-step the stop sign.
Next, we’ll discuss sales delivery – the actual conversation that occurs between the PT and the consumer. We’ll touch on techniques which keep value as the focal point of the conversation, rather than the reasons and excuses that lead to your in-network competitor, resulting in a “no” for you.
Lastly, we’ll dive into real-life examples of how value and sales delivery have been used to attract and retain customers by an out-of-network PT clinic for the past 6 years.
This is a can’t miss webinar for anyone in private practice currently facing the challenges associated with the word “no” from their patients regarding out-of-network services.

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Real Testimonials

Value packed webinar. This will change the way we answer the phone, talk to customers, and will guide us for going OON.


Content was focused and effectively presented.  Slides were simple and to the point.


Topic was extremely relevant to my business model… I will be working to make these changes with the next potential clients who call.

Webinar Presenters

Tannus Quatre

Tannus Quatre

Business Owner, Speaker, PT

Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA is founder of Vantage Clinical Solutions, a business-services firm serving the revenue cycle and marketing needs of PTs in private practice for more than 10 years. read more about Tannus…
Jerry Durham

Jerry Durham

Clinic Owner, Speaker, PT

Jerry is co-founder of San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, consultant, and nationally recognized expert and speaker on physical therapy practice strategy through Jerry Durham PTread more about Jerry…
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