Helping yourself first can save the business

As I write this, I’m on the ground at Logan Airport in Boston, ready to start my journey home after a great week on the East Coast.
The guy next to me is coughing.  Sucks.
Today, I’m going to be talking about something I just heard over the airplane’s PA system. Something I’ve heard many times before. Something that makes perfect sense in context of my daily work to help practice owners realize their visions.
“In the unlikely event that the cabin loses pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from the overhead compartment.  If this happens, with the tube extended, place the mask over your mouth and nose, place the strap over your head, and adjust.”

Now the important part.

“Secure your own mask before helping those around you.”

Let’s dive into that, starting with the airline’s objective: the safe delivery of EVERY PASSENGER to their final destination.
EVERY PASSENGER. Not just those who can operate an oxygen mask.
In the event of an emergency, while the airline has every passenger in mind, they instruct everyone to take care of themselves first, before helping others.


Because it maximizes the ability of all passengers to contribute to the emergency.
Because it will save the most lives.
Because you can’t effectively help others unless you’re in a position to help them.
You need oxygen, or you’ll die. No matter how selfless your intentions.
And that applies to me. To you. And to our businesses.
You and your business need resources in order to survive.
You need money. You need energy, happiness. And passion.
Unless your own cup is full (or at least close to it), you simply won’t be able to effectively help those around you.


So if you’re taking care of yourself first – intending fully to take care of others – don’t feel bad about it. You’re saving the most lives (or jobs, or clients). You’re positioning yourself to help them.
If you’re not going about it this way, let me know how it’s going. I’d love to hear your perspective. Feel free to hit me up at @tannusquatre or by email at tannus at vantageclinicalsolutions.com.
Tannus is the founder of BuildPT and Vantage Clinical Solutions. For more information about Tannus, please see the About Us page.