Want to know how Rack Cards can
help your PT Clinic?


To go along with its recent and consistent rollout of new marketing products which address the specific needs of private practice physical therapists, BuildPT recently announced the creation of two new rack card options designed with the flexibility to benefit clinics of all sizes.
Through BuildPT, PTs can now choose between purchasing fully customized rack cards created specifically for their clinics, or our existing, more affordable white-labeled rack card systems that can quickly be tailored to individual PT brands.
A high-impact, visually driven handout that focuses on a specific aspect of your clinic, rack cards are versatile pieces of marketing collateral that feature specific services, programs and PTs within your clinic.
Combined together as a multi-card system, rack cards create versatility in your messaging, telling the story of a clinic that’s continually growing and evolving.
“Brochures were once the standard, go-to items for this purpose, but they have one glaring weakness: they freeze your clinic’s messaging efforts into a single moment in time,” said Jesse McFarland, director of marketing with BuildPT. “This doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially for a private practice physical therapy clinic that’s continually growing, adding staff members, and creating special programing for its community.”
According to McFarland, compared with other options such as brochures, rack cards offer five distinct benefits:
Specificity: Instead of mentioning services, treatments and/or people as a bullet point within a larger list of general content about your clinic, rack cards allow you to truly spotlight what’s important to clients and referral sources, helping pinpoint exactly what sets you apart within your market.
Flexibility: As your clinic grows, your rack card system will grow with you. And when changes happen in your clinic, a rack card system allows you to quickly adjust. If a program evolves or is eliminated, for instance, remove or replace the card, and your system remains intact!
They Tell a Story: Rack cards give you the option to craft messages that are specific and customer-centric, depending on the needs of a particular audience or person. Most effectively tell your story by giving patients and referral sources only the rack cards that are most meaningful to them.
They’re Educational: What is PT? What can a physical therapist do for back pain? Can it boost athletic performance? Injury prevention? What about women’s health? Educating the public about the value of physical therapy should always be a goal – one for which rack cards can prove an invaluable tool.
They’re Low-Impact: Rack card systems can be scaled based on need as well as your budget, making them a low-impact, affordable addition to your marketing strategy.
“Such benefits apply with both our rack card options – our fully customized rack cards, as well as our white-labeled rack card systems,” McFarland said. “From an educational aspect, physical therapists could do well by creating and distributing rack cards throughout their communities that challenge the notion that physical therapy is just about post-injury or post-operative rehabilitation.
“Instead, rack cards serve to not only tell the story about your particular clinic, but about physical therapy as a whole. And such outreach can expand your pool of potential PT clients.”
To learn more about rack cards and our BuildPT rack card options, click here or contact us at hello@buildPT.com.