If you are active with social media, then you are probably familiar with hashtags. We at BuildPT work hard to be one of the most reliable and trusted sources for physical therapy marketing. We’ve done our research, and we hope that you enjoy our list of the top five trending #hashtags for this year.

If you are not familiar with hashtags and would like more information on how to use them, then please scroll down to: #Hashtags for Noobs.

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BuildPT’s List of Top Trending #hashtags for 2017

1) #physicaltherapy

This shouldn’t “wow” anybody, but putting it on top of this list is a no brainer.

  • WHY? If you are a physical therapist, then you should be an ambassador of your craft. As a practice, “physical therapy” needs to build more awareness within the general public in order to compete with other medical practices.
  • WHO? Anyone who is in the physical therapy industry or has an interest should use this #hashtag. Further, it is one of the few that could work with nearly any post by a PT clinic.
  • OTHER #’s? #physicaltherapists #physiotherapy
Hashtag for #physicaltherapy

2) #GetPT1st

This keyword has been super popular within the last year and it’s continuing the trend through 2017.
  • WHY? The overall message is simple: if you are in pain, then you should consider physical therapy first. This hashtag is suited for promoting physical therapy as a practice.
  • WHO? Any PT or who works within the industry. This hashtag fits well for any post related to pain or injuries.
  • OTHERS? #ChoosePT
Physical Therapy Hashtag for #getpt1st

3) #freshPT

A highly trending keyword specifically within the PT student community.
  • WHY? Help grow the practice with new blood.
  • WHO? PT students, PTs and clinics looking to hire or support those who are entering the workforce.
  • OTHERS? #DPTstudent
Trending physical therapy hashtag #freshpt

4) #bizPT

As the industry grows, more and more clinics need to learn how to run and grow their businesses.
  • WHY? Share knowledge on the business side of a PT clinic.
  • WHO? Anybody who owns or works on the business side of a clinic.
  • OTHERS? #cashPT

5) #PTPubNight

The fastest-growing networking community for PTs and students within the industry.
  • WHY? Grow the industry by networking with other professionals while enjoying a pint.
  • WHO? Any PT, student, or related professional looking to network, socialize, or who just plain likes beer.
2017 Physical therapy hashtags for #ptpubnight

#hashtags for Noobs


What are hashtags?

“A word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it.” Any keyword that uses the hashtag (#) is indexed by a social network (most commonly used by: Twitter & Instagram). If enough people re-use the same hashtag designated to the keyword, then it will start gaining popularity and will be trending in that social network.

How to use hashtags?

Simple. You apply the pound sign, or #, in front of a keyword (must be all one word). Example. Keyword: Physical Therapy.  Hashtag: #physicaltherapy

Should I create my own hashtag?

Many have tried and most do not trend. If you are creating something new or going to a popular event, then give it a shot. If it’s something small or only you and a small group understand or are interested in, then it’s probably not worth doing. There is nothing wrong with using foolproof current #hashtags when posting on social.

What social media networks support hashtages?

Twitter            Instagram        Facebook YouTube          Pinterest          Tumblr Vine                 Flickr               Google+           AND MORE! Questions on #hashtags within the physical therapy profession? Questions on social media marketing for PT’s? Comment below or contact us today!
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