How can Social Media or Lead Generation
help your PT Clinic?


BuildPT is excited to announce the addition of two new marketing solutions for private practice physical therapists: BuildPT Social and BuildPT Local.
Each of these high-end, web-based services was designed to harness the power of social networks and online advertising to build online communities, solidify brand awareness, and increase the size of a OT clinic’s pool of prospects.
Read on for the low-down on each:

BuildPT Social: A Social Media Monthly Subscription for PT Clinics


BuildPT “Social”

The marketing team at BuildPT is happy to offer a social media package that is specifically created for physical therapy clinics.
According to Jesse McFarland, MBA, director of marketing at BuildPT, the new social media product, BuildPT Social, provides PTs with relevant and intriguing content supplemented by paid advertising to increase physical therapists’ social reach.
“Each client starts with an overall goal to increase user engagement and social followers, but our team will work closely with the client to provide strategic adjustments to get the most out each campaign,” McFarland said. “Our social package not only greatly enhances a PT clinic’s branding recognition, but we back up our results with transparent reporting.”
Each social media PT client will get a designated specialist to work with her or him to provide optimal results.
“Most agencies provide a social media solution as convenience to their clientele,” McFarland said. “We at BuildPT are more interested in seeing results. To do this properly, our team works with the clinic to determine the best strategy.”
Further enhancing the adaptability of this product, BuildPT allows additional posts and paid advertising to be added additionally at any time. Combined with a paid advertising-only solution and a custom social media plan, BuildPT can work with any type of physical therapy clinic.

Local: A Lead Generation Subscription for PT Clinics by BuildPT

BuildPT “Local”

The marketing team at BuildPT is also thrilled to announce the rollout of a lead generation option for PTs titled “Local.” This product involves online paid advertising (PPC) through a mixture of platforms that are proven to work best for physical therapy clinics.
“Local is a great alternative for those who want to see a definitive, statistics-based ROI with their marketing investment,” said McFarland. “We don’t just provide ‘clicks’ to your website or landing page, but each person who clicks on our ads was specifically targeted based on a demographic that fits that of potential new, local patients.”
The Local package comes with five different pricing options. The majority of the fee is contributed to the paid advertising network. This allows BuildPT to provide an expected range of monthly results for each campaign.

Why BuildPT?

“BuildPT was developed to target today’s consumer of PT services, so our solutions go where the consumers are.  We know that 1 million consumers become active on social media with their mobile devices each day – this type of phenomenal growth in social behavior requires that PTs have a solution dedicated to capturing this market, which is what we’ve accomplished with BuildPT Social” said Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA, founder and CEO of BuildPT and Vantage Clinical Solutions.
“We also know that local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within a day.  Largely, minds have been made up about needing a service by the time they go to local search.  So, the name of the game is to dominate local so the consumer calls our clients first.  That’s why we launched BuildPT Local.”
Learn more about these products on the BuildPT pages: BuildPT Social & Local. Interested in knowing more about the marketing department at BuildPT? Just Ask. BuildPT is known to respond quickly.