Our Smiling Website Guy: Jesse McFarland

Our Smiling Website Guy: Jesse McFarland

A website is the hub of your PT clinic’s online presence. As the central point of your digital presence, an updated website should be your top priority before starting any physical therapy marketing campaign. If the layout, design, functionality, and content is not up to date, then this will negatively affect your marketing efforts and turn off those who directly visit your site.
In this blogpost, I will provide some questions to help a physical therapy clinic owner, like you, determine if you’re due for a new website for your PT practice.

Do you have a PT website?

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First thing’s first: if you don’t have a website designed for physical therapy, then … what are you waiting for? This can be seem obvious, but at BuildPT, we’ve worked with a number of startups. And, it’s amazing how often new business owners are focusing on the wrong marketing priorities. Instead of evaluating what digital marketing strategy is most beneficial for your clinic, first focus on creating a new website that properly represents your practice … and from which you can build your future strategy.
The best marketing strategy, implemented without a proper website, is likely to fall short of your expectations.

How old is your current website?

Ask yourself this: what year was your website built? Online technology and trends change faster than the world of fashion. If your website is still wearing bellbottoms, then you’re due for a new one.
Consider the following questions:

  • Is your site outdated? If your website is at least five years old, then it’s most likely time for at least an upgrade or a complete overhaul.
  • Is your website dull? For the most part, you get one chance to deliver a good impression when a visitor lands on your site. If you’re not capturing the visitor’s interest or needs right away, then they are likely to bounce and not come back. Also, don’t underestimate the impact of an attractive, deliberate color scheme with high-quality images in giving your website – and your business – credibility.
  • Is your site layout user friendly? The layout of your PT website is key to user experience. A website with a thoughtful structure, flow, and navigation can greatly impact a visitor’s experience and help with your SEO.
  • Is your technology updated? When was the last time you checked all of your site’s links? Outdated plugins? 404 errors? Slow site speed? A quality website is not just the design. More importantly, it’s the technology it’s built on. If your technology is not updated, then you’re sacrificing user experience as well as your search ranking.
Is your PT Website Mobile Responsive?

Is your PT Website Mobile Responsive?

Is your website responsive for any device?

First, there were desktops. Then laptops. Now we have mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, which most people today use first when accessing the internet. So it’s paramount you make sure your website is responsive for any device. If it’s not, mobile users are more likely to bounce. Also, a nonresponsive website will hurt your search engine rankings.

Has your clinic changed?

If your clinic has evolved but your website stayed the same, then your site is not properly representing your business. For instance, has your contact info changed? Do you offer new services or products? Has your staff grown? Did you move? These are all examples that can be easily fixed. However, we’ve seen plenty of physical therapy clinics expand into different locations, rebrand themselves, and adopt other health/movement services like massage therapy, personal training, etc. These are all major changes (and search engine boosting terms) to a business that your website should reflect.

How’s your performance?

The point of a physical therapy website is to get more patients. It is nearly impossible to know if your website is doing its job without monitoring the results. Using a reporting tool like Google Analytics will allow determine how many visitors you’re getting and what actions they’re doing after landing on your website. Below are a couple data points that can reflect the quality of your website.

  • Bounce Rate? Basically, this is the percentage of single page visits. This means someone landed on a page of your website and did not click on any other pages. Typically, if your bounce rate is high, then the site’s user experience is low.
  • Page Views? This shows the average number of pages people viewed after landing on your website. Typically, if your average amount of page views is low, then so is the user experience.

I Need a New PT Website, Now What?

Do It Yourself (DIY)
There are a lot of user-friendly platforms out there that allow you to easily get started and create a new website. However, there’s going to be a learning curve, and it requires both time and a designer’s skillset. If DIY is the route you’re looking for, remember how important a website is for your business. It is highly recommended that you at least research some professionals who specialize in physical therapy website development.

See our BuildPT GO Websites HERE

See our BuildPT GO Websites HERE

Hire a PT Website Professional
No doubt, hiring a profession to build a website for your clinic is your best option.
Some things to consider when searching for professional web developer.

  • Don’t be cheap. We get it – a website for your clinic can be a big investment. Yet, there will always be a cheaper option. Instead of using price to determine who to buy from, go with the provider you feel most comfortable with.
  • Ask for real site examples. There’s nothing wrong with asking for examples of their work. Don’t settle on mockup templates or screenshots. Seeing real sites developed by the vendor allows you to experience their work.
  • Hire someone who gets your business. At BuildPT, all our marketing products and our websites are exclusively for physical therapists. We speak the language, and we understand the best site that fits a PT clinic.

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