I know, I know…posting to Facebook is super easy, and updating to your website is not. But there are plenty of reasons why the business world as a whole hasn’t abandoned websites and focused all their efforts on their Facebook presence.
Your physical therapy website is still the best place to post and organize information about your business. It’s your space, your identity, your messaging and your brand. Your website and everything on it is 100 percent in your control. And it’s searchable.
In contrast, think of social media as simply a tool – one for directing people to your website. Here’s why:

Facebook business pages don’t show up nearly as well in search engine results.

To test this, type “Nike” into your favorite search engine and see how far down the results list you go before you find a link to their Facebook page.
If you count the collection of their own website pages at the top, along with the news stories, Nike’s Facebook site came up (at least for me) as result No. 22. Not great.
A breakdown of Google search results for Nike.
One of the reasons for this is that individual Facebook posts don’t count as separate search results. They do on searches inside of Facebook, but most people still “shop around” using a regular browser window – not Facebook’s own search tool.
Continuing with the Nike search example, we can see that their Twitter account is in an excellent position – the No. 2 spot on my search. But be careful before leaning too much on your clinic’s Twitter presence.
Let’s say two weeks ago, Nike had Tweeted details about an upcoming event. Currently, it’s possible (likely, even) that particular Tweet is now buried under two weeks’ worth of more recent Tweets – assuming they’re Tweeting daily (as they should). On top of this, Google isn’t including that Tweet in any of its search results because that info isn’t necessarily searchable.
So two lessons here: don’t send your Twitter followers to Facebook instead of your website, and if you’re including a link in a Tweet about your business, make it a link to your website.
So far I’ve typed the word “website” eight times. That’s because your physical therapy website is still your most valuable online real estate – and will be for some time. Just because your web designer made it difficult for you to make even the smallest change, doesn’t mean you should leave it to collect dust.
Your homepage is still the best chance you have to hit the No. 1 spot on a Google search, and well-written blog posts with the proper SEO applied can land your business name on page after page of local “physical therapy” searches.
And if your website is out of date, doesn’t have a blog, or you just can’t log in to make changes, give us a shout. We can get your greatest online real estate working for you again.