Schedule out holiday social media posts now and kick back for the holidays!
Don’t let your social media go silent over the holidays! Schedule out posts ahead of time so you can spend time off with family and friends, not stressing out about your PT clinic’s social media feeds.
We’ve put together some of our favorite stories & content from around the web for you to share with your followers over the next week:
Doctor’s Orders: Prescribe Exercise To Patients, Make Physical Activity A Vital Sign
from wbur.org, Boston’s NPR news station
A team of researchers is urging that exercise counseling become a central component of every medical visit, including by making physical activity a vital sign and prescribing a specific amount of daily exercise to all patients.
‘Tis the Season to Donate Old Running Shoes
from runnersworld.com
The season of giving is the perfect time to share information about donating old running shoes! Gently used shoes are donated to those in need, and even your most worn out sneakers can be recycled into material that makes athletic and playground surfaces.
Be Kind, Unwind: How Helping Others Can Help Keep Stress In Check
from npr.org
Being kind isn’t just the right thing to do. Lending a hand could actually help you feel less stressed out.
Strong Hips Relieve Knee Pain
from runnersworld.com
“Struggling with knee pain? For relief, consider aiming higher. Rehab routines that incorporate the hip—as opposed to the knee alone—appear to work better for combating runner’s knee, according to a new research review published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.”
Benefits of Yoga May Go Bone-Deep
from Well, a New York Times Health Blog
Can yoga be an effective therapy for osteoporosis? Pilot studies by one Columbia University researcher suggest it likely may … and the added strength, range of motion and coordination certainly benefits in fall prevention.
World’s Oldest Ironman
from The Bulletin (Bend, OR)
What happens when the world’s oldest Ironman Triathlete “retires” at the age of 85? Well … he keeps competing. Use “Iron Lew’s” story as an opportunity to talk about active aging!
Making Weight: A Weight Loss Journey
from The Des Moines Register Blog
Know someone who needs some extra motivation as they face the prospect of a 2016 weight-loss goal? Follow this journalist’s blog chronicling his efforts to lose more than 300 pounds, a journey the includes working with his physical therapist.
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