Female athletes need more food to avoid injury, keep injury, and perform better.

To Thrive, Many Young Female Athletes Need A Lot More Food

from npr.org
More girls and young women are playing competitive sports than ever before. But many of them aren’t eating enough to satisfy the physical demands of those sports, scientists say, and that’s putting them at risk for health problems that can last a lifetime. Female athlete triad syndrome typically includes three symptoms: irregular menstrual cycles, low energy and low bone density. One orthopedic expert is worried that many primary care physicians are overlooking the warning signs.
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Building PT Ambassadors: First, Make Them Aware

from multibriefs.com
As a PT, you’re aware that the healthcare landscape is changing. The ability to rely on a consistent pipeline of clientele through your door is a changing game at best. At worst, it’s a game that’s getting harder to win. Our very own Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA weighs in on the importance of awareness for PTs who are trying to build sustainable business. You’re going to want to follow along as he walks private practice PTs through 5 steps to embed and own physical therapy value within their communities.
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High School Football: Teen Brains Don’t Heal During Offseason

from futurity.org
High school football and concussions: the more hits you take, the more it changes your brain chemistry.
Brain scans of high school football players taken before, during, and after the season raise concerns they don’t fully recover from repeated head hits. An original study from Purdue University is suggesting repeated head hits in football can cause changes in brain chemistry and metabolism, even in players not diagnosed with concussions.
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Playgrounds for Everyone: A community-edited guide to accessible playgrounds

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If you’ve ever taken a child with special needs to a playground, you’ve probably realized that most were designed without them in mind. Fortunately, that’s changing. More and more playgrounds are being rebuilt to include wheelchair-friendly surfaces and interactive elements (like music and sound) that may appeal to children with developmental exeptionalities.
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With steroid shots, back pain relief is only temporary, at best, study finds

from washingtonpost.com
Another reason to #GetPT1st? Those oft-prescribed steriod injections for back pain might actually not offer much relief. Researchers led by Roger Chou, a professor of medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, found the steroid shots have no long-term benefit.
Compare that with recent studies touting the cheaper, longer-term benefits of PT for back pain.
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