How to get your physical therapy press release in the news: tips from the BuildPT team.
If media relations were a baseball game, you’d see a lot of singles. Sure, we love the long ball as much as the next physical therapy marketing specialist, but we’ve found a thoughtful strategy built around consistency provides clients with the greatest long-term exposure within their local press.
Of course, that’s not to say we don’t hit the occasional home run. We need only look to our Amplify client success rate in August to see an example of this.
Content built around the topic “Backpack Safety” was picked up by press within the markets of more than 65 percent of our Amplify clients. This means the simple distribution of a monthly press release resulted in free, market-wide print and online exposure (and the credibility that comes with it) for about two-thirds of our Amplify clients.
This is phenomenal.

Why it worked

The media can be a fickle friend, so at times it can be difficult to discern why one topic may appeal to a particular journalist when compared with another seemingly worthwhile theme. In this case, however, the topic of backpack safety had quite a bit going for it:

It Was Seasonal

It’s August, the summer’s winding down, and both kids and parents are anxiously preparing for back-to-school time. The topic of backpack safety is currently relatable to the most number of people – and readers.

It Was Timeline-Considerate

The content was created in July and ready to distribute by clients in early August. This provided assignment editors with a greater window to not only use the content, but to plan for its use as school season approaches.

It Solved the Problem

We established backpack safety as a concern, then aligned PTs as experts in easing said concern – but we didn’t stop there. The press release provided real solutions readers can use in their everyday lives, enhancing our credibility with readers as well as local media contacts.
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