Getting your marketing & social calendars ready for September? We’re sharing a few timely topics that you’ll want to keep in mind. Staying on top of what’s trending and plugging in isn’t a superficial tactic–it helps your audience understand physical therapy’s position in new ways.

Concussions: Top of mind concern for parents

By the second week of September, most all kids across the country will be back in school. The health, safety, and wellbeing of their children is on every parent’s mind. You don’t have to be a pediatric specialist to join in the conversation about keeping kids active and injury-free this school year. Head injuries are top of mind awareness right now, for athletes and non-athletes alike.
Thankfully, we’re talking more candidly about the seriousness of concussions these days. Major sports organizations like the National Football League are feeling the heat after decades of ignoring player’s head injuries, and states are beginning to push legislature that works to protect student athletes involved in collisions.
Physical therapists play a crucial role in concussion awareness. Use your unique position as a medical professional and injury prevention expert to bring some valuable conversation about head injuries to your community. Get in touch with local athletic directors to find out more about their concussion prevention programs. Younger or recreation-level sports teams may not have the resources that more competitive, bigger teams have. Ask around! You’re bound to have a personal contact that knows of an organization in need of your expertise.
An often overlooked segment of the population: kids who don’t play sports. Young drivers, the occasional skateboarder, and the kid next door can all benefit from concussion awareness. You don’t have to be a football player to be at risk. Think outside the box and don’t rule out any audience!
Before you get started reaching out, figure out what your position is. Develop a short statement–no more than a paragraph or two–outlining your professional background, why concussion awareness is important to you, and what you hope to achieve. This can double as both your elevator pitch and email introduction when establishing contacts around your community.
For a great example of how storytelling plays a crucial role in awareness campaigns, check out this article about a DPT in New York who used a personal experience to kickstart a program to educate her community on the seriousness of head injuries.