Press success for physical therapy client Step & Spine Physical Therapy in Central Oregon.
Here at BuildPT, we spend a lot of time encouraging our marketing clients to share what they know – to tap into their experience and training as physical therapists to educate their communities (and prospective patients) about the role physical therapy plays in improving lives.
In some cases, tapping into personal experiences adds an extra dimension to the story, one that’s relatable to audiences on a more human level. A recent press release we developed with one of our Amplify clients, Step & Spine Physical Therapy in Central Oregon, is a perfect example of this.
It was a goal of founders Barrett Ford, PT, and his wife, Jodi, to appeal to the “mom” demographic, and they had to look no further than their own physical therapy staff to uncover an interesting story to share with audiences.
One of Step & Spine’s newer PTs, Jennifer Hughes, DPT, recently had a child and was feeling quite empathetic to new moms who regularly come into the clinic with aches, pains and injuries related to overuse and repetitive motions – motions such as lifting, holding, picking up and carrying babies and toddlers.
Together, we identified a valuable opportunity to share Jennifer’s story while using it as a springboard to educate area moms who are going through (or soon to be going through) the same issues. And we chose Central Oregon media outlets as the ideal megaphone to tell this story.
After writing and distributing a press release on the topic that ID’d these everyday problems while offering tips for avoiding aches, pains and injury, The Bulletin – Central Oregon’s largest newspaper – picked up the story. The piece was featured in its Thursday, Aug. 20 edition, reaching a readership of 70,000 people.
Click here to read the article and to catch a glimpse of one way to get mileage (and free publicity) from thoughtfully melding expertise with personal experience. Want to make media relations a part of your marketing strategy (yes, you should have a media relations strategy for your clinic!), talk to us!
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