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Looking for healthcare initiatives to get involved with? September brings awareness months for childhood, gynecologic, prostate, ovarian, and thyroid cancers. Thanks to recent press around prehabilitation promoting physical therapy’s role in cancer treatment, PTs are in a great spot to take part in these promotional months and have an active voice in the discussion.
ACL injury prevention starts in the brain
Could training athletes to understand how their muscles work actually prevent injury? Selena Budge, DPT founder and president of Stability Enhancement Systems (SES), seems to think so. Her company has dedicated its time and efforts to reducing the risk of injury in athletes through a ground breaking process called “targeted personalized interventions.” Part of the process is a muscle memory training involving the brain. The results look promising; according to Dr. Budge, athletes who perform the SES training have a 73.4 percent less of a risk of suffering a non-contact injury.
“What causes these injuries is bad biomechanics. No two athletes run or move exactly the same. Some make pivoting moves with less stress on their knees and some do it with more. What we do as a company is go to schools and analyze an athlete’s movement patterns and point out to them their faulty patterns and the risks that they run,” Budge said.
Integrating Treatment of Underserved Populations in Today’s Private Practice
from Impact Magazine
With many clinicians flocking to larger areas with seemingly more potential patients, there are many other areas with underserved populations who are in need of physical therapy services.
Emily Monson, PT has some great advice for more rural practice owners looking for success: “Remember that your private practice can boast more than just outstanding physical therapists and physical therapy assistants; it is possible that your community may be in need of a massage therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, or athletic trainer. Bottom line: Do your research and design your practice around the needs of the community. The more adaptable you are to the community’s needs, the more valuable your clinic will be.”
On Yelp, Doctors Get Reviewed Like Restaurants — And It Rankles
from npr.org
On Yelp, everyone is a critic. Just like restaurants and retailers, private practice healthcare providers are subject to digital praise–and the opposite. Have you ever been reviewed by an unhappy patient on Yelp, Facebook, or Google? You’re not alone. And while online review aren’t going anywhere, things may be getting a bit more objective. ProPublica and Yelp recently agreed to a partnership that will allow information from ProPublica’s interactive health databases to begin appearing on Yelp’s health provider pages. In addition to reading about consumers’ experiences with hospitals, nursing homes and doctors, Yelp users will see objective data about how the providers’ practice patterns compare to their peers.

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