As a physical therapist and an active member of your community, you have great value to offer your local marketplace of ideas. And the media knows this – they rely on it, in fact – as journalists are always on the lookout for credible sources for news, stories and perspective.
That’s your cue.
A consistent media relations effort is your chance to take part in – even lead – the community conversation, specifically where it relates to health care, movement and exercise. It’s your opportunity to share, inform and educate your community about the value of physical therapy.
For the private practice physical therapist, media relations is simply a part of doing business. And at the heart of this effort is the press release, serving as the conversational ice-breaker with your local media and the audience it serves.
But before any of this can happen, your press release must be delivered. And while there are few truly bad ways to share important information, we at BuildPT have come to rely on a few “best practices” that can help ensure your press releases are read by and successfully engage the greatest number of people on your media list.
A few tips on getting the most out of your BuildPT press release.

Be Personal

We know your time is valuable and an email blast can save time. But is it the most effective route? Likely not. Instead, send press releases individually to your more highly targeted contacts. The personal touch shows writers, editors, program managers, and others that this isn’t just an email blast to be ignored, but one that’s relevant specifically to them. Also, consider this a great opportunity to introduce yourself to media types who may not know of you or your practice.

Subject to Intro

Type the headline of your press release into the subject line of your email. Then, begin the body of your email with a clear, concise introduction that states who you are, why you’re contacting them (e.g., “Please accept the press release below about [subject], a topic that’s important right now because…”), and an assurance that you’ll be available for an interview.

Release the News

Following your introduction and email signature, hit enter a couple of times, then paste the press release in its entirety (from the contact info at the top to the ‘####’ at the bottom) into the body of the email. Do not attach the press release as it only adds a step between receiving the release and reading it. Plus, some email servers may block attachments.

Send from Work

Always distribute your press releases from your work email address. Do not send from personal email accounts.

Reach Out

A couple of days after your send out your press release, follow up. Call some targeted journalists, writers, editors and program managers – people you feel would likely find the greatest interest in your news or story. Don’t give them a hard pitch. Just ask if they received your email and if they have any questions. Make connections!
If you need help sharing news, pitching stories or simply connecting with your local media, BuildPT can help. And to learn more about media relations and other marketing tips, trends and news related to physical therapy marketing, subscribe to our BuildPT blog.
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