5 things physical therapists should be blogging about, week of July 1st.
Senior Tech: A Tablet for Aging Hands Falls Short
In theory, a tablet specifically designed for older adults is a great thing. Tablet are often “gateway gadgets”–products that can ease an otherwise tech-reluctant people into a hyper-connected world. The AARP recently introduced the RealPad, an Android device made for seniors. There are a lot of great features, like larger icons and minimal settings. But overlooking the size and color of the “on/off” button was one of several missteps that AARP & Android took in designing the device. Read one reviewer’s commentary about the tablet on the New York Times.
Women’s World Cup
If you’re not talking about the Women’s World Cup, please let us know what rock you’re hiding under. So many opps for PTs to jump on the bandwagon here and talk about injury prevention, the evolution of women in sports, concussion awareness, performance training, and just all of the general feel good stuff going on this week.
My Mom Let Me Play Football — And I May Never Walk Again
Nothing is more powerful than hearing a rehabilitation story straight from the mouth of the patient. This recount of one football player’s devastating injury and his journey afterward is an important one for football parents, players, and coaches alike.
The Brain Science of Biking
As a PT, you probably already know of the many ways exercise is good for the body. This article notes recent studies that prove it’s clear benefits for the brain, as well. Yes, you are actually smarter after a ride. What are you waiting for?
Benefits Of Sports To A Child’s Mind And Heart All Part Of The Game
On the multitude of benefits that come from playing sports as a kid: “When you do sports as a kid, you learn how to win and how to lose. You learn what it’s like to put in lots of work and have things not turn out terrifically. And you learn what it feels like to put in a lot of work — and then win.”

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